Valiant Charger

Valiant chargers were built in the South Africa from about 1970 to 1973 (not sure about the end date, but the Charger name was actually used here in SA before it was used down under). They were a combination of parts from the Dodge Demon and Plymouth Duster from the same time. They used the very well known 225 ci slant six engine and some of them definately had the 383 ci engine installed. Such a small car with a 383 ci engine must have been something special. At the same time the Valiant VIP, a rebadged  Dodge Dart was avialble and could be bought with a high power version of the slant 6 (190 bhp), called the Charger Power option. I'm not quite sure what the relationship between the Charger Power VIPs and the Valiant Chargers shown below are. We now have a member on the forum that owns an original 383 charger - I will put pictures etc on the main site in the short term!

The cars never used the six cylinder hemis that that made Australian Valiant Chargers so unique. They are in fact quite unrelated.

Information on these cars is few and far between. I had several photos of a silver one with the slant six engine that I lost, please send me any if you have some or even better a road test as I have no performance figures! The only photos I could find are the photos from motostars

2 Information on South African MoPars.