Cortina Perana Mk 2

The first "official" car produced by Basil Green was the Cortina perana. It was sold by though Ford dealerships.. According to the car was based on the Mk2 Ford Cortina GT. The drive train was up-rated using the Ford Zephyr 3 litre V6 (Essex) engine, Lotus Cortina gearbox and Salisbury differential.

The Cortina was a very good performer for its era:


0-60 MPH 8.6s

Top Speed

115 MPH



The Cortina Perana was only offered in 2 colours to the public, one being candy apple red and the other being silver. Both had the bumble bee stripe on the nose.

Cortine Perana Add

Here is a nice picture of one in original bumble bee form.

Red Bumble Bee Cortina

Ans some old racing pictures where the car is in action

Cortina Racing Action 1Cortina Perana in Action 2