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needboost wrote:
E12 535i Turbo wrote:
ClassicMan wrote:The plot thickens.....

Nick Sheward has spoken to an ex BMW Racing Mechanic who knows the cars. It seems that a third car was built for Paddy Driver!

Eddie Keizan's car has been sold to Peter Kaye-Eddie and is being restored. A second car was written off on the Tarlton Drag Strip and the whereabouts of the the third car is unknown.
Dont know if this will help.

I drove past a house some time ago in Edenvale and saw a 530 under a tree. It still had the original M colors, 3 weber carburettors and a very nice branch. I made the owner an offer on the car but he didn't want to sell the car.

Went there again two weeks ago and the car was gone!
Yep know of this as well... i also tried getting hold of the guy,screamed ,shouted to get their attention, somebody peeped through the window,but wouldn't come out. Honda civic standing in the driveway. Car has now been gone about a month...
I actually managed to speak to someone at that house. I gave them my business card and asked them to phone me if they want to sell the car. Never got any call. What a pitty!!
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Hi All,
New to the forum, but belong to BMW CAR Club.

I own one of the original 530MLE (NO21) which I recently finished restoring, However I read with interest about the 530 standing under a tree in Edenvale. Must have beat you guys to it as I purchased the car from the owner in Dec 2012.Body number 22 which makes it special as it was the car after mine on the production line.

Complete with the 3 weber side draught motor (3,5l head and 3.7l block), Head done by Rickie Jute and manifolds and exhaust header from Lourens exhaust. I am looking at restoring / building a race car replica.Already have the correct spolier kit and spats and will start the project soon. I am looking for Race Rims for the project, preferably Chaparels in 16". Also any advise and pics from the original racecars would be helpful. Car will be in SALORA livery as per the original.

I have got pics from Eddie's car already.

Any help is appreciated.

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