End of the V8 coming soon

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Impala Crazy
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End of the V8 coming soon

Post by Impala Crazy » Fri 24 Aug 2012, 21:49

This article was copied from an American forum

"I just read an article that the various auto manufactures are phasing out the V8 due to the high CAFE that are being imposed by the governmentt. This now also applies to light trucks.

The article stated that "Ford is discreetly -- but very clearly -- moving away from V-8s in its big trucks, such as the full-size F-series pickup. There's still one available -- for the moment. But the rest of the engine lineup -- the mass market engine lineup -- is all V-6. Ford calls these engines -- tellingly -- Ecoboost. They're smaller displacement engines with a turbo (or two) bolted on to provide on-demand power but the better fuel efficiency of a smaller engine the rest of the time.
All I can say is that they will have to take away my V8"s from my cold dead greasy hands!!!

If this is true, it will affect future V8 enthusiasts.

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by ters » Fri 24 Aug 2012, 21:52

8) :idea: Buy as many as you can NOW!!

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by GRUNTY » Fri 24 Aug 2012, 23:54

I'm sure you guys have noticed the proliferation of modern small capacity highly stressed small engines working overtime to move there modern recycled beer tins that are todays fast cars.What with all the electronic gadgetry and limited life materials we are now driving disposable cars!!One could buy a proper new motor from Ford to replace your high milage workhorse mill for very little or a complete rebuikd for less. Before you buy a new car ask the parts dept. for price and availability of engine rebuild bits.Shock answer,only subassemblies or complete mills available. So chaps it is not only the V8's in trouble but all these horrible little fragile built in redundancy units as well. And don;t imagine that the cars might live on too 'cos many panels are now recycleable plastic and other material. Check it out,cheers,Grunty. :cry:

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by Tony69 » Sat 25 Aug 2012, 04:35

Its only a matter of time before the internal combustion engine is done away with...20 years or so and we'll all be driving vacuum cleaners. :x

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by Leonvdb » Sat 25 Aug 2012, 06:26

I've seen articles where even Ferarri and other supercar manufacturers are investigating smaller engines with more turbos and superchargers.

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by zahistorics » Sat 25 Aug 2012, 13:07

The demise has been predicted for many years, I can remember reading such stories when i was a boy.

Internal combution 4 strokes have been with us since 1876 (Nikoluas Otto with Gottlieb Daimer and Willhelm Maybach). They are not likely to go anywhere soon, at least till someone works out how to carry electricity efficiently.

Petroleum has an incredibly high energy to mass ratio while still being safe to handle. We are more likely to see a move first to LPG/CNG when the infrastructure improves. Later to hydrogen when safe handling and storage can be worked out. But still internal combustion engines.

V8s? Maybe old iron pushrod American V8s will fade away in mainstream production, but the US will surely produce something to compete with modern V8s from BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus/Toyota, etc.

Also it is now probably possible to buid a 'Chev' or 'Ford' V8 entirely from aftermarket parts.

Here in the UK they tried to kill the Rover V8 - there was so much demand a new company was formed to keep making them.

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Re: End of the V8 coming soon

Post by GRUNTY » Sat 25 Aug 2012, 21:52

The 2 stroke engine has all but disapeared now,but I see Stihl are playing with a 4 stroke,2 stroke. Look at the progress with Diesel engines now! They're quiet,go like hell and super efficient. Why don't the car guys make common rail, direct injection petrol engines.If one thinks about it the modern diesel was impossible a few years back.

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