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twincam nc
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Post by twincam nc » Tue 07 May 2019, 09:47

Howsit guys
Name is Ivor im from Kimberley ive been watching the forum for some time now.
Been here on and off only registered a couple of months back.

My dad passed away and im now the owner of his Sapphire.
Car is a V8 Sapphire 1992 model think the clock standing on 108000kms genuine kilo's.
Car is silver and as far as ive reseached i can make out what this car is. if its Novel Ford Built or JT Developments Built. A few details on the car.
Full house with aircon,power steering,electric windows and mirrors,full grey leather seats central locking.However aircon was stripped out when he did the motor never fitted back yet.
Found out at Novel 35 of these cars were made the proper conversion with the motor moved slightly back so the orginal V8 waterpump could be used.Has T5 Borg Warner Gearbox with 3:08 diff, as far as i know backyard builts had the V6 waterpump and V6 diff.
A HYBRID Cosworth kit was fitted to the car so only boot spoiler and side skirts is from the Cosworth Sapphire and ofcoarse the Cosworth Wheels.Car also sits lower then other V8 sapphire's ive seen.

Motor was done over about 1 year ago nothing was wrong but thats just the kind of person my dad was.
Car was standing in a shed so bonnet and fenders needs a respray and car needs a new front bumper and windscreen.

This was his baby but i think i might sell this car cause at the moment i dont have place for it and i think someone that will appreciate and love this car will get more benefit from it.

PS - i dont have pics of the car yet i will take some and upload it.
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ZA Perana
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Post by ZA Perana » Tue 07 May 2019, 19:23

Would love to see some picture of it as it is now.

Cosworth wheels for me make it a Novel car.
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