Another Dimention to Water Crisis in Cape town

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Another Dimention to Water Crisis in Cape town

Post by Punch » Fri 22 Dec 2017, 13:12

Hi Guys, I am so tired of hearing the Cape Town Mayor taking her bucket to the shower every day, some other unidentified spokesperson is now telling us how the City is managing the crisis. Augmentation by Boreholes and Desalination plants, millions of litres of water is suddenly being made available by utilizing the Molteno Reservoir. What they don't tell the citizens is that due to complete incompetence about 60 individual locations on sections of the Bulk Water Pipeline feeding the City has been corroding away for at least the past 10 years. The Cape Argus has ignored 6 consecutive submissions trying to raise my concerns. I offered to do an "On Air " interview with Cape Talk Radio 567; Of 4 talk show hosts and 1 producer, three ignored my emails, one asked for more information which I sent to her then she did not respond, One afternoon host at least had the courtesy to reply but felt it was too technical for Talk Radio. My submissions were much shorter and less "technical".
Here's the story :roll:
While employed by the City I Managed the Traffic Signal & General Services Section, I relinquished the General Services Section five years prior to my retirement in 1999 simply because I was intimately involved in the current Metropolitan Area Traffic Control System as the Project Engineers Technical and Product Acceptance Representative.
Under the General Services Section, for many years I carried out regular inspections and essential electrical tests on about 70 individual locations on protection systems which were installed to protect the pipeline and submerged structures from electrolytic corrosion as part of my job description.
Here comes the "Highly Technical" bit of the story, "electrolytic corrosion" takes place in areas where minerals and moisture in the ground create an electrolyte the steel pipeline or any other metal structure within the area now creates a local cell, much like a mini motor car battery resulting in a circulating current. This phenomenon causes the steel to be aggressively eaten away until the pipeline bursts if no system is installed to neutralise this action. I will concentrate on the 60 odd locations where sacrificial anodes were connected to the pipeline to stop aggressive corrosion. Simply the circulating current now leaves the pipeline via the anodes which are eaten away instead of the pipeline. Thus the term Sacrificial Anodes. Regular testing and inspections ensure that anodes are replaced timeously.
For a long time I suspected this was not being done so I submitted my concerns via our local free weekly newspaper, The Constantiaberg Bulletin asking a few questions, one of which was "Is Regular testing and inspections still being done?"
Xanthea Limberg, spokesperson & MEC for water and other portfolios replied "NO" due to vandalism this is not being done but within the next few years the systems will be reinstated by a External Service Provider. "WOW" more money down the drain, previously a part of my remuneration!
This prompted a few more questions, "How long has this not been done?" an answer this time from a Hayley van der Woude. For 10 years!!!! Slaan my dood met 'n pap snoek! So for 10m years (If I believe that) THE PIPELINE HAS BEEN "VROTTING AWAY" AT SOME 60 INDIVIDUAL LOCATIONS! Suddenly since my questions reinstatement will take place within the next few years but the External Service Provider but may not undertake regular test and inspections. That's lekker, maybe I should submit a tender for R50 million and not have a responsibility to maintain the systems.
The balance of the 10 other systems use different protective systems, I am being deliberately vague as I hope to be able to ask some spokesperson a few difficult questions should I be given the opportunity. (I won't hold my breath)
In conclusion; It does not matter how full of empty the dams are, Boreholes and Desalination plant augmentation is not going to enable us to open the taps for water if sections of the "Bulk Water Pipeline" disintegrate due to sheer incompetence and lack of foresight. Get ready to stand in queues with your 5L cans at watering holes. Sorry to paint such a bleak picture but I'm just Gat Vol.
Have a wonderful and joyous festive season be safe on the roads.!! :D :D :D Punch

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Re: Another Dimention to Water Crisis in Cape town

Post by WCC » Fri 22 Dec 2017, 18:18

Sad state of affairs when politicians are in charge. But, I have also been living up North and can say that at least in the Cape there’s still maintenance, if not adequate.

What I find fascinating is City officials wanting to shut down private borehole use as well, unless it is for flushing your loo. So they can’t provide a basic necessity, then they want to shut down a viable option for residents providing their own water supply and at the same time levy a charge for not providing the service. I also find the logic interesting that dictates it is OK to flush away water into the sewerage system but circulating that water back into the ground is taboo. :roll:

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Re: Another Dimention to Water Crisis in Cape town

Post by RASSIE » Sat 23 Dec 2017, 16:22

Hi Punch I am not in the water story as I am an Electrician and Lecturer but restore cars as a hobby. I did put my workers who left me MAD after I did investigate the work done this week on parts and I will cool down today as I need a super 24/25 and just relax with family and kids. Next year we will see them very hungry!!
All money spend on them went out the drain as I did all the work over again today. I trained the one for 9 years and add $ to a super tank dip and cleaning area any Super shop can beg for. NOW I AM P OFF!!!! BIG TIME. Good to see they attack even another black person as my family came from a Church flea market across the road. He was just very late at 9 from work and the Bastxrdx attack him and he was an innocent worker. My son chased the people but they were so dark with no street lights working he could not get them.
O I miss my old S.A. so much!!
Hope the water last in Cape Town as Toti is flooded with Up Country visitors!
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