What should I build ?

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Re: What should I build ?

Post by Waterhond » Sat 07 Nov 2015, 17:10

That sounds interesting !

Now I am excited to see what is possible.

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Re: What should I build ?

Post by Bearhawke » Wed 11 Nov 2015, 03:19

hanov0 wrote:Stroke the cleveland using Chevy parts, best of both. :o
Ford pistons, Chevy rods and machined crank, will get you a 377 with Std bore or 383 with oversize.
That might make for a nice build there. Too; a 400 Cleveland is a 351M (same bore centers/heads as a 351C) with a longer stroke, the bore and block are the same. Unfortunately; the above block has a taller deck height than the 351C.
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