Whats South Africa Coming to ????

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Scar » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 14:39

Sorry to hear Hugh. Happened to me last year...bastards. Also luckily no harm to the family, but you still feel violated having these things brake in to your private space and steal things you have worked hard for........I really like the paintball gun idea! 9mm works just as well though

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Weasel » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 14:50


Sorry this is off topic but i must ask, have you posted any pics of your "1969 Camaro Convertible RS/SS All Wheel drive V10"??
I must see this..

also must know.. where you live and what time you go to bed :lol: :lol:

Sorry too soon, too soon. :oops:

but yes, im afraid most of us have all been there. For quicker response tell them you have shot the intruder.. sad but true.

stay +

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Can-Am ZN » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 16:41

Whether the South African public at large is aware of it or not, as it stands, the future of everyday crime prevention in this country does not lie in the hands of the South African Police as it has become a useless, overweight and resource misusing state body who are simply uninterested in keeping law and order!

I too was a victim of affirmative asset acquisition sans payment when my E30 BMW 325iS was stolen OUT OF MY GARAGE in January! The dogs were poisoned during the evening and a group of about 5 gun & torch wielding miscreants cut through the locks on the front gate and garage with bolt-cutters at aroung 3:30am and simply removed the car, without any fear of being stopped.

I awoke with the sound of the garage door opening and looked straight into a a torch and muzzle of a handgun when I opened the curtains to see what was going on in the driveway.

They couldn't start the car due to my home-made immobiliser but pushed it out onto the road, where I thought they had hitched it up towed it away.

An immediate call to the police, telling them that vehicle theft was in progress as we spoke, was met with absolute disinterest on the other end.

I stood on the road outside the house for 5 min when I heard the car start up in the road behind my house. They'd obviously pushed or cranked it on the starter to the road behind the row of houses adjacent to my back-yard. I called the police again to tell them that the car was still in the area and ask why they were taking so long!

Two police vans arrived 15 min (the SAPS station is a 5 min drive away) later, when I was told that the criminals must have taken a back road out of the area, as the one van was parked at the end of my street and no car matching my description passed them! 8O

What GavinRS, Waterhond and others have said in previous posts is quite correct...we have to take steps to protect ourselves as we can no longer rely on the appointed crime prevention authorities to do their job!

Very sad reality indeed...and still MANY do not quite comprehend the severity of the situation.

@ HughMuller, if only one could mount a few heat-seeking, remotely activated munitions on those thermal tracking drones that you speak of!
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Ghost » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 17:35

I was also a victim twice this year. First time they cut the razor wire behind the garage. We have five dogs that all sleep in the house. The little worsie was barking like crazy and when I went out the back I heard them running away. Armed response was on scene witin minutes. Didn't call the police, I am the police.

Second time managed to reach the sliding door at the back of the house. Same worsie scared them of again. Response and this time police quickly on the scene.

My daughter and her husband stay in Ballito. During July they broke in through akitchen window and stole laptops, cellphones and wallets. The ran of when the husband woke up. We were on holiday that time and afther batling to get the right station managed to get the police. They opened a case and two days later the suspects were arrested.

Yes the police aren't angels but there is still a few that care but the negative stories always get repeated because people like to talk about them more.

Edit: http://leadsa.co.za/?p=22042&utm_conten ... ign=buffer
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Johann65 » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 18:06

I am thankful that I have not had any break-in with exception of a single occasion when my Trusted Rotty woke me up! The intruder never entered the house and the rotties were sent out to take care of him! 8) Nothing stolen from my open garage!
Had an occasion when a stupid visitor held his hand over the wall and My previous Rottie, Rommel, took his vinger off! No case made!! ;) I have two Rotties, one sleeps in the Lounge and the other in our bedroom! No dog of mine will ever sleep outside!! 8O
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Bearhawke » Fri 19 Sep 2014, 05:42

We have our share of lowlifes here in Arizona and many will suffer 'lead poisoning'. Just that in this state if a resident (US citizen that is) has never been arrested; that individual can go buy a Glock, etc. and not need a permit to carry concealed. The problem is I live smack dab on the borders of California and Nevada where their gun laws are a whole lot stricter.............
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by ters » Fri 19 Sep 2014, 06:06

I am sorry to read about all of your misfortunes :twisted: .

The material stuff can be replaced, but the psychological scars take longer to heal.... strongs Hugh (and others)!

When it comes to the wife its easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by shoedoos » Fri 19 Sep 2014, 07:20

been gone from RSA since the mid 90s and don't see any difference in the stories....status quo is more like it....

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by HughMuller » Fri 19 Sep 2014, 07:26

so guys how this for arrogant
so since the incident last week to me
Helderkruin Hill where I like there has been a break in every single night INCLUDING last night
even with cops patrolling, ADT, Chubb, Blockwatch etc and its get quiet aggressive

we even go as far as looking at thermal imagining drones to try track these buggers at night

think its time to declare ware on criminals seeing as the Serve and Protect is failing miserably
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