Cigarette company cars

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Cigarette company cars

Post by Hi-Fi » Wed 23 Jul 2008, 16:50

I don't know how many members remember the discussion a while back about the Gunston Cortina Peranas, Peter Stuyvesant Mustangs, etc. I came across a picture the other day of a Gunston Valiant Barracuda. Very unique. I can't post the pic because it belongs to a site and is copyrighted. This shows that Gunston kept up with the fashion in the motoring world. It appears they started off with the Barracuda, moved on to the Cortina Perana and finished off with the Fairmont.

Hell, I would loved to have been a rep for them in those days.

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Re: Cigarette company cars

Post by 68barracuda » Wed 23 Jul 2008, 17:38

Hi please post the site you saw this pic
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Re: Cigarette company cars

Post by zahistorics » Wed 23 Jul 2008, 18:33

Here are some links:


Please respect Dave's copyright.

When last I was in ZA I was speaking to someone who said his mate used to have a Gunstom Toasted Capri Perana rep car. I must still follow this up

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Re: Cigarette company cars

Post by vanz2 » Thu 06 Jun 2019, 08:34

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