Great service from Doug Hirkham

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C-Body Barge
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Great service from Doug Hirkham

Post by C-Body Barge » Wed 11 Sep 2013, 21:05

As you are aware Kalahari speedweek is upon us, so as usual we always leave the repairs till the last minute. I decided it was time to addfress my dodgy brakes and a gearbox leak, so off I head to west coast Brake and clutch and have a chat to Errol, I must add I have never used these guys before but being in Milnerton they were the easiest, sadly I arrived wearing a jacket and tie... So Mr Errol decides to tell me that instead of re-lining my drum shoes he suggests we put a disk brake conversion on, as it will be CHEAPER :lol: and EASIER :lol: well I wasn't born yesterday and decided I was taking my business elsewhere.

So I decided to visit our forum brake guru Doug Hirkham at CBF in Plumbstead. What a knowledgeable man and what a great Valiant Charger he has hiding behind his workshop, anyway after going through my brakes he diagnosed the issue, far from what I thought the problem was, he even ran the car back and forth to Peter at Southern Automatics to deal with the leaky gearbox. My car is now ready for speedweek :D So just a huge thanks to Doug at CBF for remarkable, knowledgeable and honest service :D
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Re: Great service from Doug Hirkham

Post by Craig » Thu 12 Sep 2013, 08:56

That's great. Please don't forget some cool pic's of speed week.
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