My v8 cortina build for my dad

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Grant Rassie v8s son
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My v8 cortina build for my dad

Post by Grant Rassie v8s son » Mon 04 Nov 2019, 22:00

Just Incase no one knows me.
I’m new to the forum but just felt I had to come out and carry on in my dads honour.
I’m Grant Rassie’s v8s son.The man who new everything about v8s.Comboys don’t ride donkeys.
Been very difficult without him but his v8 351windsor f100 is still here for me to remember him.
The last thing he knew I had was the cortina bakkie and my Xr6 falcon.I just couldn’t go on with the original uprated v6 and in my dads honour I will be putting in a 302 with a Cressida 5 speed box.Pictures will be up as I go along.
C2402D6F-CA36-483A-9EED-5655C88DD4BE.jpeg (148.59 KiB) Viewed 1358 times
9C20E228-6135-4DA3-A144-C94D2599BE43.jpeg (92.22 KiB) Viewed 1358 times
F9C8876F-AB24-478A-885F-6D943CCA9A58.jpeg (3.93 MiB) Viewed 1358 times
CF960B56-A9B8-4675-839B-7FAD773E256C.jpeg (3.34 MiB) Viewed 1358 times
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Re: My v8 cortina build for my dad

Post by shoedoos » Tue 05 Nov 2019, 01:38

welcome Grant, your dad cast a long shadow, I didn't know him personally, but did follow him of a kind....

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Re: My v8 cortina build for my dad

Post by ters » Tue 05 Nov 2019, 06:03

Welcome Grant! Diep spore wat jy volg boeta...

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Re: My v8 cortina build for my dad

Post by kavesh » Tue 05 Nov 2019, 12:24

Welcome Grant. I had the pleasure of meeting your dad a couple of times and I must say that he was really passionate about his V8's and the cars that he was working on. He had a wealth of knowledge.

All the best with your bakkie. I am sure your dad will be watching proudly from above as you go along.

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Re: My v8 cortina build for my dad

Post by paulusvrotius1 » Tue 19 Nov 2019, 19:56

Hi Grant, good to see you here. Good luck with the build, your Dad will be proud of you.

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