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Post by neresh » Sat 29 Dec 2018, 05:54

Hi guys . Haven't been very active for a while due to work restraints, apologies.
I need a bit of advice , my elcamino at idle sounds and feels that it's running on a couple cylinders less , approx 1000rpm . But as you increase the rpm to let's say 1500 , it jumps back to life and runs on all cylinders again . Even from idle and you rev it up all is fine . It's just at idle that's the problem . I have changed plugs twice and it's the same . Plug leads maybe ? Anyway of testing them ? Apart from the pull and check idle fluctuation method , motor is a 400 with a cam so lumpy idle isn't helping for that method . Any help will be appreciated.

Rassie it was good seeing and chatting to you yesterday , stay well .
'71 camino - 406 c.i - turbo 400(manual shift kit) - 9" rear (3.50:1)

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