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Doug Hirkam

Posted: Tue 03 Apr 2018, 22:09
by ZA Perana
It is with sadness that I have learnt of the passing of Doug Hirkam. Doug passed away earlier this year.

I first met Doug a few years ago when he was doing research on his time warp Valiant Charger, a car built in the 70s and found in largely original condition by Doug.

Doug was "Mr Clutch and Brake" and was always happy to share his expertise and stories of years gone by, street racing in JHB in the late 60s and early 70's.

RIP Doug and thank you for sharing your expertise and for being a great guy. I hope you enjoying talking shop with legends of the past, notably Keith Brooker who built your Charger and your other friend Eric Broadley of Lola fame.

Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Wed 04 Apr 2018, 06:00
by ters

Rest In Peace brother Doug....


Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Wed 04 Apr 2018, 08:04
by FPT
What a Shock!!! :( :( :(

Never met him in person, but helped us out a few times. Excellent guy he was.

RIP and condolences to the family.

Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Wed 04 Apr 2018, 20:03
by IndianaJones
Very sad to hear of his passing.

He truly was a valued member of this forum, and always very helpful and willing to assist.
Was just thinking of him last week, as I was making use of service provider I was referred to, by Doug.

He will be missed, my condolences to Gary and Doug's other loved ones.

Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Thu 05 Apr 2018, 12:04
by Waterhond
I also did not know Doug, but through the posts in this forum I could get to know him on an intellectual and emotional level. Obviously he was a very kind and generous man with a lot of honest integrity.

Rest in peace Mr. Hirkam


Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Thu 05 Apr 2018, 14:59
by Johann66
This is so sad to hear! Great Technical knowledge! All of us at this age know that it is our path! We must accept it!

Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Fri 06 Apr 2018, 07:35
Very sad news and a shock. RIP Doug. We lost a very wise man!

Re: Doug Hirkam

Posted: Sat 07 Apr 2018, 20:01
by kavesh
This is really sad news.

Doug went out of his way to assist me when I was having brake issues with the El Camino

Condolences to his family. Rest In Peace sir.