Need Durban/JHB Boy comming to Joburg Pleeezzzz.

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Need Durban/JHB Boy comming to Joburg Pleeezzzz.

Post by raceface » Fri 05 Feb 2016, 09:17

"Need Durban Boy to look at a car Pleeezzzz.".....that worked out well for me Thank you....viewtopic.php?f=5&t=21196

Now for another request please.....

The owner of the car that came down forgot to put the the loose inside door panels / door cards (4) in the car when it was shipped down to us.

If somebody is coming down and can bring them with them or get them down here I would be eternally grateful, I don't want to leave it to long before I collect as things tend to go missing. They will be neatly packaged I'm sure.

and....Wait for compensation you get a free tour of the Raceface facilities (about three minute) Free Beverages as much as you can drink (about three minute), the pleasure of our conversation, wit and charm (about three minute) plus a free T shirt. WOW 8)
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