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Valiant Charger (any valiant) vin location

Posted: Tue 30 Sep 2014, 21:13
by tla
I have a Valiant charger that's licensed and on my name but needs to be police cleared due to it having a new motor fitted but the original owner has taken the vin tag off the car. I know some cars have tags and also a body stamp but dont know if or where the valiant's vin stamp is.
Any help or tips would be appreciated.

Re: Valiant Charger (any valiant) vin location

Posted: Wed 01 Oct 2014, 11:29
by Weasel
I think your best bet is a high power torch, check the right hand inner fender inside engine bay, that seems to be where the body number is and that could get you at least part of the VIN.
Also thoroughly check the underneath on the chassis, stamped numbers can be painted over making them near impossible to see. it can be on the inside or outside of that frame usually on the front somewhere.
Ignore numbers thats not directly on the chassis frame or the body. Then match up any numbers you find with the expected vin codes and the one on your licence. Also make sure you double check all the obvious places, inside door frame behind or inside glove box etc, a torch really helps you find things, especially in daylight. i've owned my car nearly a year before i saw a tag inside the door frame painted over, doh.

Re: Valiant Charger (any valiant) vin location

Posted: Wed 08 Oct 2014, 21:23
by 68barracuda
SOMETIMES the VIN was stamped on the shocktower in the engine bay. But be carefull - I have seen cars where the left and rightshocktower have differrent VIN's or none at all