Whats South Africa Coming to ????

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Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by HughMuller » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 07:58

So as the heading says
What is South Africa Coming to ???
I woke up this morning to look at our exchange rate 1USD = R11.05 that madness this is almost as bad as sanction days.

Last week I became a statistic as well
Friday 12th Sept at 3:30am i was woken with 2 intruders in my house helping themselves to my stuff that i have worked hard to put into my house. They decided to do some home shopping and walked away with about R150 000 worth of electronics etc.
I was able to chase them out of the house and then they tried attacking me with a screwdriver and when that didn't work they then attempted throwing bricks at me.

Luckily Myself and family escaped unharmed other then a few bruises on myself.
They actually cut my electric fence and the Alarm didn't go off and when the installer came to repair fence the energiser and alarm was in perfect working condition so they found a way to override it.

The part that annoys me also is the missus calls 10111 and the number goes nowhere or keeps getting disconnected before you even speak to anyone so she eventually call 112 from vodacom and tell the cops the intruders are in the house and they only decided to pitch at the house 3hrs later and then to top it off they finger print team only arrive on money to take print

go figure

ok let me stop venting
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Insomnia » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 08:15

That sucks.
It must be a syndicate.They have been operating heavily in West Rand.
They know how to override electric fence.

If you are on Facebook.
Join these two groups.
BEAGLE WATCH SECURITY - They update regularly of crime activities ect. And suspect activities.

Most cases they know what you have and plan well in advance.

And don;t get me started on the Circus in Parliament the last couple of days.

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by IndianaJones » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 08:39

From Wikipedia:

"Brief exchange rate history:
A rand was worth US $1.40 from the time of its inception in 1961 until 1982, when mounting political pressure combined with sanctions placed against the country due to apartheid started to erode its value. The currency broke above parity with the dollar for the first time in March 1982, and continued to trade between R 1–R 1.30 to the dollar until June 1984, when depreciation of the currency gained momentum. By February 1985, it was trading at over R 2 per dollar, and, in July that year, all foreign exchange trading was suspended for 3 days to try to stop the devaluation.

By the time that State President PW Botha made his Rubicon speech on 15 August 1985, it had weakened to R 2.40 per dollar. The currency recovered somewhat between 1986–88, trading near the R 2 level most of the time and even breaking beneath it sporadically. The recovery was short-lived however, and by the end of 1989 the rand was trading at levels of more than R 2.50 per dollar.

As it became clear in the early 1990s that the country was destined for black majority rule and one reform after the other was announced, uncertainty about the future of the country hastened the depreciation until the level of R 3 to the dollar was breached in November 1992. A host of local and international events influenced the currency after that, most notably the 1994 democratic election which saw it weaken to over R 3.60 to the dollar, the election of Tito Mboweni as the new governor of the South African Reserve Bank, and the inauguration of President Thabo Mbeki in 1999 which saw it quickly slide to over R 6 to the dollar. The controversial land reform program that was kicked off in Zimbabwe, followed by the September 11, 2001 attacks, propelled it to its weakest historical level of R 13.84 to the dollar in December 2001."

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by RASSIE » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 08:50

Sorry to you and the family!!
I got permanent open gates and 8 cats outside, no alarm and 2 x Jack Russels in the house.
They never did steal from me. Thanks to the Lord!
We got CCPO and Blue security.
One minute after a call 2 or 3 armed cars will stop and kick the nonsense if the offender is resisting arrest or found with stolen goods.
Last time I caught a thieve and catch him with the F100 on the pavement. Break his arms by accident as he tried to flee. My wife call CCPO and took the gun and run 3 houses. The 5 cops in a Golf arrive and ask if it was safe to get out of their car. :lol: :lol:
If you understand S.A and do not listen to radio or TV news all is 100% OK.
I got some load Boere music playing all day. :lol:
Lekker man!!
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johan wepener
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by johan wepener » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 09:16


Sorry to hear about your ugly experience.

I know how you feel. It sounds melodramatic,but when someone breaks

into your house it is for the house-people extremely traumatic.

This we have experienced twice.

The last incident,while visiting the George motorshow, criminals break my

front door open, alarm went off and when security arrives 12 minutes later

the burglars have already left, with my safe which they broke out off the wall!

Inside information I believe.

I lost my safe and in it my ,38 Special. But beware, I have replaced the ,38 with

a newbetter one, and I will not invite any intruder for coffee. Guarranteed.



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Gavin RS
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Gavin RS » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 09:38

Sorry to hear about your experience, not nice that's for sure.

I have been through it 3 times since 1995. In recent years I have become a lot more awake when it comes to these things. \
I play a lot of paint ball and when I am back home my Rifle, exact replica of an AR15 is reloaded with solids and pepper gas balls and the pressure turned up to full which is over 500ft per sec ,
my rifle is fully modified with every upgrade like response trigger and cyclone feeder gas piston , 16 inch fully rifled barrel and can shoot 15 rounds a second on fully auto. over 40meters the grouping is the size of your hand so accuracy is great.

I keep it next to the bed. I have used it for intruders before and it will break ribs, take out eyes and if you shoot at someone like I have, neck and head shots that person goes down, nice surprise and not illegal, I also have a pistol 12 shot gas powered paintball gun which I keep in the car and its loaded with pepper gas balls. it shots at around 340ft per sec

in the complex I was staying in for 8 years I managed to chase away a few intruders breaking into a neighbors house and on another occasion with 4 crooks, 2 got away and the other 2 myself and a neighbour caught with the help of security and managed to get them arrested, seems every time these guys were from Mozambique. I got fed up with living in a complex and bought a house in Randpark Ridge, good security company and the neighbourhood watch is great.

As for our currency well I just landed a big parts order from the UK and the Rand went down to R17.83 to 1 and I was happy as today it is over R18 to the Pound again
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Rowan » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 09:58

Hey Hugh
Sorry to hear about what happend. Unfortunately the 10111 number these days isnt worth calling at all, and if you do get through they treat your emergency as a complaint and take their own sweet time. Its like they doing you a favour by actually doing their job :x

Glad you and the family are safe thou, criminals with guns are unpredictable. Material things CAN be replaced, just hope they didnt take anything that was sentimental.
" Burn Rubber Not Your Soul "

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by Waterhond » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 10:13

Hugh, I am very sorry for your experience. May you find some peace.

GavinRS, you are the man. That is what should happen...we must start taking back our power.

For evil to exist, a good man must just do nothing....

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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by HughMuller » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 12:20

Gavin I think you have the right decision I am looking at that
I live in Helderkruin hill and there has been a spate of breakins when I mean a spate I am talking since the breaking at my place last week friday another 2 houses were hit that day and there has been a breaking every single day since then and even one today
the unfortunate thing is we stay on the green belt so we have these guys scaling walls and electric fences

we actually as a group are looking at thermal imaging drones to track the buggers

as Rassie said family is all good but the loss and memories is what really pisses me off

but at the rate things are going I think its time to go para military with trip flares etc
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Re: Whats South Africa Coming to ????

Post by TIMOTHY MUDALI » Thu 18 Sep 2014, 13:53

do wat i do
i dont call cops
i just kick the shit out of them.i have had 2 major incidents.one in the shop and one at home.i didnt think they realised i would do wat i did.they started begging me for their lives.needless to say,they left with a lot of pain.talkin and negotiating is a waste of time.body injury is what counts.

guess wat
no one has come back

the new south africa!!!!!!!
wwe style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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