2015 ford Mustang 5.0

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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Stealth GT » Fri 01 Aug 2014, 19:17

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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Scar » Fri 08 Aug 2014, 08:54

Ford reveals for the first time the power outputs for the all-new Ford Mustang

All-new 2015 Ford Mustang will offer 228kW equipped with the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, 320kW with the 5.0-litre V8 engine

All-new Mustang will go on sale in South Africa late 2015, with fully independent front and rear suspension, platform optimised for ride and handling

PRETORIA, South Africa 31 July 2014 — Ford Motor Company reveals power outputs and performance details for the all-new Ford Mustang at its Go Further event.

The all-new Ford Mustang equipped with the new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine will offer 228kW and 440Nm of torque, while the Mustang equipped with a muscular 5.0-litre V8 engine will generate 320kW with 536Nm of torque.

Both engine options will be made available to customers in South Africa when the all-new Mustang goes on sale late next year. Ford also announced at Go Further that order books for the new Mustang officially open on January 19 2015 with specific terms and conditions.

In addition to the two engine offerings the all-new Mustang will also offer fully independent front and rear suspension, and an advanced lightweight body structure with extensive high-strength steel and aluminium components for excellent ride and handling.

A global motoring icon with nine million sold since first launched in 1964, Mustang is the world’s most-liked vehicle on Facebook with more than 7 million fans and has made more than 3,200 appearances in film and on TV.

Advanced engine technology

The new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine was designed specifically for the all-new Mustang, to meet the needs of drivers looking for outstanding performance and fuel efficiency.

"This EcoBoost engine delivers the healthy output Mustang drivers expect, regardless of the car’s speed," said Scott Makowski, EcoBoost powertrain engineering manager. "It delivers where a Mustang driver expects it to — with a broad, flat torque curve and great drivability under any conditions."

The newest member of Ford’s global EcoBoost engine family, the 2.3-litre continues to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies including direct fuel injection, twin independent variable camshaft timing and turbocharging.

With a compact engine generating nearly 100kW per litre and more than 188Nm of torque per litre ensuring engine durability was critical. The Mustang EcoBoost engine will withstand the added stresses with:

Forged-steel crankshaft

Piston-cooling jets

Steel piston ring carriers

Premium bearing materials

Upgraded valve seat materials

Forged-steel connecting rods

High-pressure die-cast aluminium cylinder block with ladder-frame bearing caps

Deep-sump, die-cast aluminium oil pan

The 5.0-litre V8 delivers a host of features that help it breathe, especially at higher engine speeds. Getting air into the cylinders and exhaust out is key to generating more power and torque from any engine, and that has been the focus in the development of this V8, which features:

Larger intake valves

Larger exhaust valves

Revised intake camshafts

Revised exhaust camshafts

Stiffer valve springs ensure valves close completely at high rpm

New cylinder head casting — revised ports provide straighter path to the valves for less restrictive intake and exhaust flow; combustion chamber modifications accommodate larger valves

Sinter forged connecting rods are lighter and more durable for high-rpm operation

Redesigned piston tops — deeper cut-outs clear the new larger valves

Rebalanced forged crankshaft to support higher-rpm operation

Independent suspension and lightweight body for sharper reflexes

With fully independent suspension systems front and rear, and Ford's integral link rear suspension technology, the all-new Ford Mustang will be the nimble and comfortable, achieving world-class performance in both dynamics and ride quality. Lightweight aluminium is used for the bonnet and front wings to help reduce body mass and improve the weight balance.

Some of the other components made of aluminium include the rear suspension knuckles, rear axle housing on automatic transmission cars, rear control arms, and rear brake callipers. Even parts made of steel and other materials such as the hollow rear stabiliser and the new seats have been intelligently designed to meet the performance standards while keeping weight down.

Every new Mustang features an all-new integral-link independent rear suspension. The suspension architecture is based on a lower control arm, integral link, upper camber link and a toe link. The geometry, springs, dampers and bushings have all been specifically modified and tuned to deliver improved mechanical grip for this high-performance application.

The suspension geometry of Mustang now keeps the body level under hard acceleration and braking. Aluminium alloy rear knuckles help reduce unsprung mass for better ride and handling.

At the front, a non-isolated perimeter subframe helps stiffen the structure while reducing mass, contributing to a better foundation for more predictable wheel control that benefits handling, steering, and ride quality.

The double-ball-joint front MacPherson strut system enables the use of large, powerful brakes without resorting to excessive wheel offsets that would hurt steering feel. Like the rear, the front end contributes to improved pitch stability with anti-dive in the geometry to prevent the nose from squatting under braking.

Ford South Africa will announce at a later date final specification and details for all-new Mustang models for South Africa.

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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Buckaroo » Fri 08 Aug 2014, 11:26

Apparently the new Mustang is very low key in the USA.
Also it is rumoured because of complaints from drag racers, a solid rear axle option may be offered.
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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Burnthosetyres » Sat 09 Aug 2014, 07:59

I just can't help but wonder now..... that the New Stang comes via Ford officially what happens to te many grey imports that were locally converted to RHD and sold for over a bar.... if you owned one, Will Ford service it & how will selling price be affected?
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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by buggyfan » Sun 10 Aug 2014, 11:02

Here's an article in this weeks Beeld motors supplement .if the prices they're guessing are anything to go by ,we can all be driving '15 model Mustangs Lol. www.beeld.com/bylae/2014-08-07-pure-perd-op-pad

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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Burnthosetyres » Sun 10 Aug 2014, 11:58

They're confused and haven't factored duties and the Nkandla fund.... Some Ford dealers speculate more like R700 k plus for the Eco Sport and 850 plus for the V8 depending on final spec levels and standard extras
'A Camaro is a little animal that eats Mustangs!'

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Stealth GT
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Re: 2015 ford Mustang 5.0

Post by Stealth GT » Sun 10 Aug 2014, 18:08

I was talking to a Ford dealer last week and if you compare what a Ford Focus ST sells for in the states $23625.00 and what it sells for over here R345526.00 and our market is much smaller then you can probably work out the pricing ........... thats if we don't get ripped off .


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