Robbinator 260kmph!!! Saldanha 800m Drags

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Re: Robbinator 260kmph!!! Saldanha 800m Drags

Post by ROBBINATOR » Fri 15 Nov 2013, 00:29

Glen wrote:
ROBBINATOR wrote:Thanks for all the kind words guys.....we all had some major fun and the run felt awesome.

Theron.....we for sure are going to work towards improving on the 260kph bud.......maybe just a driver change is what's needed ;) know I prefer to just chill on the side than been in the seat :)

Will post up some pictures later....

Hey Robbie
I like yur machine its wicked man and well done mate im glad we are taking title in our home province let us capetonians show the rest we have the sporting skill and capabilities of motor racing.
Well done agen Robbie
Thanks Glen......we appreciate the kind words bud. :)
Hi Robbinator hope to see you at Rev Life.I am wanting to see your beast and meet you
Phew.......I would like to meet you too but Killarney will not see me for a long time......I have been slapped with a 2 year ban from the facility......but more importantly......I am out at work till just before Xmas.

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Re: Robbinator 260kmph!!! Saldanha 800m Drags

Post by Craig » Fri 15 Nov 2013, 11:58

Congrats Robbie.
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