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Post by ters » Sat 12 Oct 2013, 16:30

:evil: Rates for the dreaded e-toll system was released on Friday 11/10/2013.
At 30c per km for tag owners, to 69c for non holders. I read that a maximum of
R550 per month would be instituted for motorcycles and cars.....
http://www.fin24.com/Economy/E-toll-rat ... t-20121026

Apparently it is against the law to use the tolled roads without paying.

When it comes to the wife its easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by Johann65 » Sat 12 Oct 2013, 16:44

This means that it is time for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE 8O 8O 8O
Refuse to pay for e-tol and refuse to buy e-tags. 8O 8O 8O 8O
Paste mud on your number plates to make them unreadable 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
Wear masks to make you untraceable 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O
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Ah! Yes I remember it well! (Only GM's!)
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ZA Perana
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by ZA Perana » Sat 12 Oct 2013, 17:10

Disgusting....especially considering I am told the road isnt even in great condition.
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Donovan Smith
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by Donovan Smith » Sat 12 Oct 2013, 18:51

ZA Perana wrote:Disgusting....especially considering I am told the road isnt even in great condition.
No the roads are good. There are still some places where they are working on them but in general good. The problem that I have is not to pay for the road but to pay over and over. The total cost of the roads will be recovered in less than two years. What happens after that do we still have to pay the full amount. The problem is that these thieves has taken such huge bribes in allocating the contracts to an over seas company that they cannot get out of it. I am sure that there are dozens of local companies that could have administered the toll fees and billions of rand of tax payers money would have stayed in the country. If they want their toll money they can send me an account and I will pay it the same way as what the send out my water and lights account, very slowly or not :evil: :evil:

My 2c worth

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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by Punch » Sat 12 Oct 2013, 20:28

e-tolls have not reached Cape Town "yet" sometimes it pays to live in Slaap Stad :D
When they do arrve my modus operandi; never buy an e-tag, my daily driver is registered in my wife's name, although on the freeways I do the driving. So they will first send the account addressed to her after many months have elapsed. She will respond with a letter; I was not driving on that road, send me a picture. Should the account come with a picture with me behind the wheel she can still write back and tell them to address the account to me. There could be hundreds of thousands of accounts to be sent out monthly! Are they going to send them out by registered post? If you do not collect it from the Post Office, how will they proove that you received it. The administration is going to be a nightmare. The Courts will never overthrow the implemantation, too much money has been spent, albeit on inflated conspired tenders and back handers. The Courts decisions is unfortunately not based on legality but financial implications. Local authorities cannot get the speeding notifications out timeously which is a drop in the ocean by comparison. My 2c worth

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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by ters » Sun 13 Oct 2013, 12:06

E-toll explained :roll:

When it comes to the wife its easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by ters » Mon 02 Dec 2013, 18:41

One of the best responses to the e-toll saga I have read.....

Whose freeway is it anyway?

By Mondli Magwaza
Friday, October 25, 2013

The Propaganda is tricking you into believing that the streets are not yours, that it is by grace that you can enjoy cruising down the N1 (assuming it’s a Sunday night ). That you should be grateful of the little that they have done as it comes from the goodness of their heart. And I fear that you might be giving in.
No my brothers and sisters, these are our streets, we are the economy of the country, collectively we hold more power than the government.

A bit about me

I do not own an e-tag, Ok my name is Mondli Magwaza, a law abiding citizen and a married father of a 4 years old boy. I have a no criminal record and I pay most of my traffic infringements. I have never even been to a court room, I only go to police stations to certify documents. But in the recent issue of e-tolls I feel that I am ready to be executed for what I believe, I’m ready drive into a road block and declare that I won’t buy an e-tag and get hanged on the spot.

Why I’m not getting tagged?

Simple, because the road belongs to me and I have already over paid for it. In the 2013’s budget speech R32.9 billion was allocated to SANRAL for road improvements which came from society taxes collected from me and you. A little more than R 2 comes off every litre of petrol I fill in my car; this produces over R 40 billion rand per annum in revenue and is specifically for infrastructure development also known as my roads. I also pay my vehicle licence fees annually from which the Gauteng transport department raises well over R 2 billion per annum.

Let’s roll back to a stone left unturned

In 2006 SANRAL undertook the so called Gauteng Freeway Upgrade Project estimated at R 6 billion, which 5 years later ended up costing me and you over R 20 billion. This equates to over R 1 million per kilometer, which by the way was actually a few centimeters resurfacing of existing roads. Competition Commission’s investigation proved that the society was over charged for all the work, but the investigation was called off just as it was close to pointing fingers on the individuals that benefited from these exaggerated costs

What’s e-Tolling

In 2009 Electronic Tolling Company was awarded R 10.1 billion tender to extract money from Gauteng motorists through e-Tolling, ETC by the way is 85% owned by a European company KAPSCH, which publicly announced that they will earn R670 million per annum from the e-toll system. Take a moment to imagine the amount of Schools, Clinics and of course Roads (hello) that could have been built with all this money, don’t forget to breathe.
The fuel levy mechanism on the other side goes straight to developing our roads, if this was really about the roads, the Treasury would have added a mere 9c to the fuel levy from 2006, by now they would have accumulated more than R 17 billion, more than enough to keep our roads in an international standards that we are used to (The freeways are there, let’s give it to them), while maintaining SANRAL’s credit rating and keeping them focused on building roads and us, the tax payers, on working to build South Africa to what it could become.

This is not some national road in Malawi!

Our head of state with his reasoning poses a question “Why should the whole of South Africa pay for Gauteng roads” well Mr President, excuse me for thinking like an African but Gauteng roads are South African roads, The entire country benefits from us driving around them every day to work our butts off to be able to contribute 41% i.e. R 400 billion of South Africa’s social tax revenue, yet in return Gauteng only receives 10% from the national budget. It only makes sense Mr President that a country benefiting so much from Gauteng’s economic activities contributes in making sure that its citizens have the roads to continue doing their business.

I am an African

I then conclude that this is a harsh and painful “thank you” the ruling party is giving to its voters for affording it the majority that it enjoys in parliament.
I see my beloved South Africa as a golden goose, with a potential of laying unlimited golden eggs for the benefit of us and generations to come, but greedy and impertinent mechanisms are being applied to reach into its guts and pull the egg from it leading it to a slow painful death.
The Propaganda is tricking you into believing that the streets are not yours. I refuse to be naive.

I thank you.


ps. Posted without consent from the author.....
When it comes to the wife its easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission!
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by Ghost » Tue 03 Dec 2013, 09:01

The gantry on the N12 I use is not working yet. So still free?
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Moering Tool
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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by Moering Tool » Tue 03 Dec 2013, 09:16

My commute from Alberton to Kempton Park takes about 50 minutes in the morning. Today, just over twenty minutes - there simply wasn't any traffic.

I'd like to believe that the simultaneous commencement of the school hollies helps - however, my wife (who commutes to the JHB CBD) tells me that her traffic was a nightmare compared to normal, and she even left 30 minutes earlier today just in case.

If my traffic was like it was today, every day, I'd happily pay tolls. But it won't last - people will get gatvol of taking backroads very quickly.

The following was posted on another forum I frequent, I think it's good read:
Severian wrote:
supernova wrote:
burstear wrote:not got a etag, will simply take alternate routes, and if i get a bill i wont pay...i will wait for a summons (will cost them more in legal fees to get there R100 from me) then ill pay R100 after they spent extra cash on lawyers

The problem with not paying and waiting is, there is no summons!its not the traffic department,your R100 will be handed over to debt collection agencies and you pay for the recovery costs.

So where you could have paid R100 you now lookking at closer to R1000!and the more you dont pay the more the sum becomes!till one day you look and you in court fighting a garnishee order(which you will lose) and pay for the oustanding amount with interest, aswell the legal costs to get it the small amount of out of you.

There is in fact a summons. If they want to collect it through civil procedure (the act is unclear but it appears this will be the route followed) you have to. Even the traffic department has to summons you to appear in court if you do not pay a traffic fine in terms of the applicable legislation. Without reverting to an attorney there are a few things you could do at minimal risk.

Now summonses cost money, especially when you have to issue a million of them. Also our individual magistrates courts are simply not geared to handle an extra 100 000 summonses a month much less a million. The collection agency will proceed to first send you a letter of demand. This will have to be done by registered mail to prove you have received it.

Once you received it have a look, if they gave a detailed account skip the following step but otherwise request that they send you a detailed account by registered mail. Do not provide email or fax details. Insist on registered mail. " I want to be sure to receive it but unfortunately have no access to email or fax :) "

If/when you receive the detailed account request that they provide you with a photo of each and every instance that you passed underneath a gantry as you know that there are instances of people using false number plates and you would like to verify (once again by registered mail). If you do get the photos and some of them are a bit unclear you could stretch this further.

After this pay your R100. While some collections fees might be payable but the National credit act has severely curtailed the extent to which costs may be levied. Some attorneys are trying to find a way around the revised In Duplum rule as well as the limitations as set by the magistrates' court act but is is very restrictive. Do not just pay when they threaten you.

Putting them through the process effectively renders your debt (relatively small) financially non-viable for collection and will end up costing them money.

Please read the above not as legal advice but the general opinion of a legal practitioner reflecting my personal approach to the matter. Simply put I take no responsibility for any consequences should you choose to follow the above approach. I believe it to be a sound strategy but you cannot always rely on the other party to act in a legally sound manner.

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Re: 30c/km!!

Post by hillbillyhotrod » Tue 03 Dec 2013, 12:35


So kids, by way of a public service announcement, here is a 100% legal, fully above board way to NOT pay e-tolls....

1) Do not buy an eTag.

2) After the first 4-6 weeks of passing through toll gantries, send SANRAL a registered letter, expressing your concern, that for the last 4- 6 weeks you have not received a payment request from them. You must state that you are COMPLETELY willing to pay the toll fees, but this cannot be carried out without a detailed invoice. Unreliable postal services could be to blame, so please would they send you your invoice by registered mail, to ensure you receive it. (This is a fully legal AARTO requirement for any letter of demand.)

3) Make a photocopy of your letter, get a COMMISSIONER OF OATHS to stamp the copy, and keep your registered mail receipt. Such a request could take months to be settled, and if you are fortunate, never at all due to the sheer volume of similar requests received. Should you finally receive a notification that a registered letter has arrived for you, take as long as possible to collect it. This method is based upon the fact that they do not use registered mail to send invoices. If one considers the past history of all traffic fines received, these all arrive by normal mail to prevent the high costs of registering letters.

4)Should SANRAL surprisingly, after a lengthy period, comply with (1) above, then send them a second CERTIFIED letter by registered post, requesting that they send you a photograph for every single gantry you have passed under for that month, proving that is was your car you that is being invoiced.( Perfectly legal and reasonable request from any motorist ). Such photographs obviously, you must request to also be sent by registered mail to ensure delivery. Also takes weeks to collect such registered mail, should it in the unlikely event, ever be posted. Explain that you have heard that certain motorists are using illegal false number plates and you therefore require the photographs to prove that it is definitely your cat that is being charged. Such a request could takes months to be settled, or if you are very fortunate, never. Consider the sheer volume of requests they should by now have received. If their system is not set up for such requests, which I am almost positive is the case. (Hope I am not wrong on this one) Can you imagine the difficulties and problem they will have, in trying to MANUALLY comply with the thousands upon thousands of similar requests received. To be really difficult, how about querying some of the less clear photographs taken at night. Even if they come back to you asserting that the photographs are in their opinion, all perfectly readable, further delays will have been successfully applied.

5) Should SANRAL try to speed up communications by requesting your e-mail or fax number, or send you SMS’s, or trying direct contact by phone, I have considered very simple ways of negating each of such requests. I am not mentioning any of these methods, as I want to keep this article 100% above board, and free of any questionable actions.

6)In the unlikely event that all the above somehow be resolved, than obviously pay, but only for that particular month under review.

7)Start the whole lengthy procedure all over again, 4-6 weeks after the termination of the second month’s toll fees due. Continue with the same, for every individual month that follows.

Shouldnt take long for the whole system to fall over, if just 10% of the drivers do this,.....

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