Monaro's and SS's

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ZA Perana
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Monaro's and SS's

Post by ZA Perana » Fri 07 Sep 2007, 20:56

There is a lot of confusion about the exact specs these cars came in.....and there doesnt seem to be much info to support any of the assertions made.

I havent seen many of these cars but all Monaro's I have seen has been 308 powered cars with the exception of 1 which had a 350 but I suspect it wasnt a orginal number matching car. I have never seen a manual 308 powered car, I beleive the gearbox parts are extremly hard to find for the manaul cars.

Now, does anyone know how to decode the VINS on these cars?

The Chev SS on the other hand was availible with the 308 motor and 350 motors, the give away when deciding on orginality where the 350 is concerned is the gearbox...the 350 has the the 2 speed Powerglide fitted, price lists and spec sheet of the time prove this so anything with a T350 is suspect.

Colours, has anyone ever seen either of these car in any colour other than orange or red, did they come in other colours

To end off, I know of a very beaten up Monaro, body is really bad but you know still has its orginal silencer at the back....
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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by monash » Sat 08 Sep 2007, 08:04

I would value some info on the Monaro and Chev SS models.
How to read the VIN plate on the Chev and colours.

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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by TdL351GT » Sun 09 Sep 2007, 20:56

[quote][Colours, has anyone ever seen either of these car in any colour other than orange or red, did they come in other colours

Hi Za,

The Monaro also came in a yellow. Bright Yellow with the black stripes! And with regards to the manual, Druss here on the forum has got a 308 manual 4speed.


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Gavin RS
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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by Gavin RS » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 09:54

Been going through tons of magazines on the weekend, I have found some brouchures on the Manaro and SS as well as a road test on the SS,
will post soon
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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by FairmontGT » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 10:28

Awesome stuff Gavin, cant wait.
Yes we did build muscle cars in RSA!!!!

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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by monash » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 13:51

Good to see some pics or info.Not much stuff around that I can find.
Thanks Gavin

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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by vanz2 » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 21:58

Holden monaro


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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by redracer » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 22:01

Those were the days, love the comments :mrgreen:

Firenza GT

Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by Firenza GT » Mon 10 Sep 2007, 23:36

There was a follow up to that Swannepoel victory as Oom Koos told us some time ago. GM went all out to win with the Monaro's at the time. Koos finnished that race ahead with his belts loosened as at some stage he couldn't see through the high Monaro's rear window to who ever was in front at the time. After the race it is told that BG sent his road Ferrari back and ordered for a Capri Perana to be brought to him from the production line where there weres some probably ready for delivery.

BG was overwhelmed by Koos' win in the Perana. That night they crashed a brand new Capri Perana !

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Re: Monaro's and SS's

Post by henryk » Tue 11 Sep 2007, 09:53

Hi Lino

Yes the boys really celebrated after oom Koos beat up the GM V8s in his 3 litre Cortina. But the story I heard was that they smashed 2 Capri Peranas following after race celebrations. In any case it makes a very entertaining story, especially when told by oom Koos.

For those who are interrested.

Koos Swanepoel has bought an Anglia which he will prepare to the same spec as his original 1963 race winning Anglia. And he will drive the car himself in local Classic Saloon races.
Escort's Forever !

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