Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

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Re: Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

Post by ZA Perana » Sun 02 Oct 2016, 21:04

IndianaJones wrote:Been watching these for a while now on OLX...

1972/73? Mazda Capella RX2 13B Street Port (yellow) ... eeb90d0d9d
R250000 neg

1975 Mazda Capella RX2 13B Bridge Port Rotary (blue) ... eeb90d0d9d
R250000 neg

Are they R250000 cars?
I wouldn't pay R250k for one. R150k perhaps for a time warp totally original car.
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Re: Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

Post by madrx » Mon 03 Oct 2016, 02:34

The yellow one is as it should be,round headlights,dogbone taillights and flat front,also known as a series 3 RX2.The blue one is the last RX or Capella Rotary with a pointy front.It also has the RS front and rear spoiler,don't know if it is an RS though.The yellow one has been around for ages as far as I can remember.The square headlights was only fitted on the first model RX2.

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Re: Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

Post by werner » Mon 03 Oct 2016, 05:33

Back in '78, I bought my '72 RX2. It still had the flat headlights and round tail lights. The round headlights only came out when the 616 was replaced with the Capella. The Capella name was also on the rotary model. The dealer says "minor changes", but the interior is a far cry from the original. Well done though. I also had the later luxury Luce model that also came out with the rotary engine. The first ones had the 2 distributers and from the Capella it had the single. From what I could make out from Wikipedia, the South African Mazdas changed model a bit later than Japan.

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Re: Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

Post by Can-Am ZN » Mon 03 Oct 2016, 19:24

Yes, older boet had 2 RX-2 coupes in the early '70s and both had square headlights...the earlier "flat front" 616 models here in SA had the double round headlights, like the later Capella Rotary, "pointed nose" models.

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Re: Mazda Capella Rotary coupe

Post by IndianaJones » Sun 09 Oct 2016, 18:29

Saw this on Gumtree...

The Carolin 1974 Mazda Capella Rotary Coupe Race Car ... 0000550709
74CapellaRotaryCoupe.JPG (38.28 KiB) Viewed 1067 times

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