1979 MKII Escort - failing police clearance

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1979 MKII Escort - failing police clearance

Post by oneclickman » Tue 01 Jun 2021, 23:22

Hello - Hope this is the right place for this kinda post...

There should be a VIN Number that should be stamped on the right-hand strut tower, but I cant seem to find it on my car.

I am wondering if anyone has some knowledge on the south african variant of the escorts. Is there any scenario where it wouldn't have been stamped, or stamped in another location?

I found an old post somewhere saying that the ford Granadas wont have a number stamped on the chassis (but no further details on this), so wondered if it was possible with the Escorts too.

My next step is to take more abrasive paper to the strut tower to see if its covered up by paint.

If one of the previous replaced the inner wing and there is no VIN stamp, does anyone know how do I proceed?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I own a 1979 mk2 escort (Its in my name, registered and up to date). I used to live in South Africa, which is where I bought it and fixed it up.

As part of the restoration, I removed the VIN plate and re-installed it with new rivets after respray.

I moved to the U.S. and am trying to import it. Part of the process is a police clearance to ensure that the car was not stolen etc. They failed the clearance because of the new rivets.

As far as I can find online, they should be able to corroborate the VIN number by checking the chassis, and it should be stamped on the right-hand strut tower. But the folks doing the export in SA are not able to find that number.

Pic here that they sent me after I asked them to take some abrasive paper to try and find the number.
No Vin Pic (1).jpeg
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(Edit: attached the wrong pic)

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