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Question: Identifying Chev inline 6s

Posted: Tue 12 Feb 2019, 06:10
by Dragonkarr
Hi all, it's been a while since I've posted on here. Right now I have some questions about two Chevrolet inline 6 engines lying at our house. Originally my bf said they were 4.1s, but after someone on Facebook (I just love FB warriors :roll: ) blasted me that they were not 4.1 but 3100 we went and checked the engine codes. Now my man ran the engine codes on a site he'd found, and according to them the stock one is a 261cu (4.3L), and the stripped block is a 235cu (3.9L). Still this fella on FB is bombarding me with rude retaliation. So I'm asking the experts :lol:
From mere photos, and nothing else, what capacities are these two engines?