Essex v6 fuel injection??

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Re: Essex v6 fuel injection??

Post by Soulsaidso » Fri 21 May 2021, 06:32

Good morning,

Can anyone please help me with advice and/or info on how to go about doing diagnostics and adjusting the timing on a Sapphire 3.0i RS fitted with its original fuel injected Essex V6 engine that's had it's cylinders bored slightly bigger with oversized rings and blueprinted.
I'll be honest, I haven't the slightest idea what blueprinted even means.
It's my dad's car and he's not doing well health wise. I would like to somehow get this car running before he runs out of time. He is still driving(barely) his little 1.5 Honda Ballade but I know how much he loves driving the Sapphire, I have also drove it a handful of times way back in the late nineties.
I remember pushing it one time to its limit with the needle touching the last mark at 240 heading east on the N4 from one Tollgate to the other, basically Harties to Pretoria. Close to 20km in little over 5 minutes.
My dad had the engine overhauled around the time he retired about 3 years ago. The battery is charged periodically to turn the engine every now and then using the starter and as far as I know the only thing that is needed to get it running is to hook it up to a diagnostic computer and make the required adjustments on its engine management system's computer. Something I also know very little about in general even after googling throughout the night. Blue and Black blocks, Essex 3.0i V6 engine, only 150 built, only in SA. That's all I have.
Finding technical information on a Ford Sapphire 3.0i RS is like chasing my own shadow with the intent to catch it. I can look at it, it doesn't say much and I just can't get closer to it :?
I've also learned nothing in my searches about it's EFi system, it is in good working order but should something happen to it it would be nice to know if there are other motors that used the same system or did the only make 150 of them which means parts don't exist?? I'm scared to ask about the possibility of sourcing the light grey stripe stickers that runs along the sides, there''s small sections missing here and there. Otherwise everything else is in its original mint condition.
Feels like I might be in the right place on in my search for answers.
Any info and/or advise would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

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