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New member introduction

Post by 1966galaxieregistry » Tue 07 Dec 2021, 20:47

Hello everyone,
My name is Tom Yanulaytis and in 1999, I founded the 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry, based in the United States. The registry currently has over 7,950 entries and while the registry concentrates on the 1966 Ford Galaxie models manufactured in the U. S. and Canada, I am beginning to expand my knowledge-base with an attempt to create a decoder for the South African equivalent of the North American 1966 Ford Galaxie, believed to be marketed in South Africa as the Fairlane/Custom 500.

While searching through this forum, I came across a February 28, 2008 post by the late moby302 (link to post shown below) where it mentioned she had an Excel file of data she was managing. And at one time she may have had the file on her website, which of course is no longer active. ... y302#p4647

I am hoping to connect with like-minded members of this forum who have an interest in sharing information to create a decoder for the 1966 model-year full size FORDS imported to, or assembled in South Africa.

My first goal is to see if anyone was able to save a copy of the Excel file which moby302 may have published on her website when it was active or shared prior to her passing. I would hope that all her efforts were not in vain.

If you know of the Excel file or are interested in discussing the creation of the decoder, I welcome your dialog on the subject.

Tom (1966galaxieregistry)
If you own a 1966 Fairlane - Custom 500, I'm interested in chatting with you.

Thank you,

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Re: New member introduction

Post by ters » Wed 08 Dec 2021, 18:32

Welcome Tom!

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