Dewan with his ‘new’ F250

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Dewan with his ‘new’ F250

Post by Dewan » Sat 30 Oct 2021, 07:07

Morning all, about time I introduce myself. Been a member for a few years, and finally have something to show you all. Just over a year ago I purchased a 1973 Ford F250 4x4, and the work began. Had it blasted so we can start from bare metal. Took out the 351c I got with the truck (thats in my garage now, hoping to get it rebuilt some time), installed an 300I6 with 4 speed manual. Picking ‘her’ up (named her Fiona) later today to test mechanicals for a few weeks, then bodywork. So if you see me in the Cape, give me a wave!
Cheers, Dewan
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