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Post by Gary1974 » Mon 01 Mar 2021, 10:28

Good day guys

I have a Cobra with a 351W and 21R gearbox setup.

Bought the car having a clutch shudder and had the clutch and pressure plate reconned .

The clutch felt better with no shudder but under acceleration the clutch was slipping and could only get it to engage if I gently squeezed the accelerator.

This lasted just a few days and the pressure plate collapsed.

I am in need of matching up a new clutch and pressure plate.

The Toyota d4d kit would work but the clutch plate does not seat flush on the flywheel and the diameter across the centre of the clutch plate is too wide for the gap in the centre of the flywheel.

i can source an original kit for the 351 but the splines on the clutch plate wont work.

Can this be swopped out on the old clutch plate( Toyota ) to be used on the Ford clutch plate?

From what I believe the setup I had was Toyota Dyna but we cannot find the correct kit.

Can anyone advise on a standard clutch kit we can source or what is the best option going forward?


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Post by dom » Tue 22 Jun 2021, 11:32

Bit late in my response, sorry. You may find best taking all the parts to FeroBrake to let them match up what fits.
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