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Re: Introduction

Post by EssexV6 » Mon 09 Jul 2018, 09:03

Thanks guys. much appreciated.

Would still like to do the following on the car.

- Upgrade Braking system. any Suggestions or Installation links please ?
- Interceptors with Balanced Crank, balanced Pulley and Balanced Flywheel (maybe skeem 0.5mm off the Fly ?)
Heads are currently flowed with a 290' re-profiled cam and Branches with 63mm Exhaust system and 10.5 Comp Pistons.
- Electronic Dizzy as its still Points system.
- Fresh Paint with an Additional colour. (Shade of Brown) Stripes or just the Top maybe or lines on the sides. not too sure yet. but would like to keep the Original base colour. open to any ideas that would kind a maintain a sleeper look. ;)
- Have some Tan Leather. I just need to have it upholster.
- Thinking of changing the Wheel as well as the Ensures Off Set and J simply throws the ride of the car off a bit, especially when Braking.
" If you don't turn back to take a glance at your ride, You own the wrong the car " ;)

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