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Re: Newbie for CT

Post by J4F » Mon 13 Oct 2014, 09:55

Hi Guys

Thanks for the warm welcomes, as someone mentioned, KSF posted pics of my Van, the Dart, the Taunus and the Chopped Anglia already, will see if I can find pics of the other cars for you.

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Re: Newbie for CT

Post by KSF » Mon 13 Oct 2014, 11:43

Welcome, with your ChevyV8 tendancies you will find just the right kind of support group here! You guys can even do group buys for oil and share ideas on cleaning driveways! :D

......and no ways you will get away with that excuse , you have to post some pics. Big format for the Fords and little ones for the Chebbies.

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Re: Newbie for CT

Post by craigd » Mon 13 Oct 2014, 14:54

Welcome Jackie..


1965 Pontiac Parisienne

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Re: Newbie for CT

Post by CanAm17 » Mon 13 Oct 2014, 16:26

Welcome Jackie. Nice to have another WPMC Classics driver on the Forum.
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Re: Newbie for CT

Post by rogerfelix » Mon 13 Oct 2014, 22:41

Welcome Jackie. I'm from Cape Town too. Us locals must all hook up some time. Enjoy the forum.

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