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Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2007, 17:08
by Gavin RS
I see this in the Classic magazines in the UK.

What would your top 10 garage look like if you money was no object.And lets be real, I know some would have Ferrari's, Porsches, Lambo's etc.

Here is my genuine top 10 cars to own.Not unrealistic. (money no object)

1.1968 Ford GT 40 (the real thing)
2.1985 Ford RS 200 Evo Group B spec 500HP - 750HP
3.1966 Shelby GT350 R
4.1972 Capri Perana
5.1973 Firenza CanAm
6.1971 Ferrari Daytona Spider
7.1987 Sierra Cosworth RS500 GroupA spec 550HP
8.1973 Porsche 911 RSR
9.1993 My own Cosworth
10.1978 Ford Escort RS1800 Group4


Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2007, 18:12
by vanz2
1. Mk 1 Escort Perana
2. Mk 1 Escort RS1600
3. Mk 2 Escort RS2000
4. Meissner Escort
5. Mk 2 Cortina Perana
6. Cortina XR6
7. Cortina XR6 Interceptor
8. Capri Perana
9. Chev Firenza Can Am
10. Ford Courier V8 (To use when the Can Am breaks down)


Posted: Mon 27 Aug 2007, 19:08
by FairmontGT
Dont know if I will be able to get to 10 but here goes:

1. 71-73 XY Fairmont GT HO Phase 3
2. 70 Mustang Mach 1
3. 73 Chev Firenza CanAm
4. 70 XW Fairmont GT
5. 68 Camaro SS
6. 69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator
7. 71 Capri Perana
8. 84 Sierra XR8
9. 74 Granada Perana
10. 72 Chev SS 350 (if you did get them originally with a 350)

I hope I had the production years right.


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 12:55

1. 67 GT500 Shelby fastback
2. 69 Boss Mustang
3. A9X Hatchback Torana
4. GTR XU1 Torana
5. Ford GT40
6. 67 RS SS 396 Camaro
7. GTS Monaro or SS Chev
8. 1973 Firenza CanAm
9. Fairmont GT or Aussie GT
10.Capri Perana

So many to choose from i'd better stop at 10. :twisted:


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 21:43
by Gavin RS
Well I can see that my actual idea worked,I wanted to see what the common denominator was, and guess what, The CanAm and Capri Perana are in all of our top 10. Not Bad, Top 20 should have been the choice


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 22:12
by Firenza GT
You okes are winding me up huh except Fairmont and V8GFISH. All but them placing the Can Am below the Perana. That Fairmont and V8GFISH puts you on the top of the list for a Can Am from us ! Bunch of Ford freaks, can you guys not admit that the no Capri Perana ever managed to come out first time ever right into a 9 hour and only be beaten by the works Jap Mazda rotary because it spent more than an hour in the pits becuase of wheel bearing hassles and fuel stops ? That 302 was Chev's finest !

1. Viva GT
2. HP Firenza Droopsnoot
3. Escort MK1 Perana
4. Firenza GT
5. Firenza Can Am
6. Capri Perana
7. Cortina MK2 Perana
8. Alfa GTV 3.0
9. BMW325is Evo2
10. Cortina Interceptor

Damn can't fit a Chev Nomad in .....

The BMW and Alfa are in honour of my Portuguese hero's Abel D'Oliveira and Tony Viana. However I'll scratch No 2-9 for one car, road legal Lola T70 !

Aangesien ek maar vir die Spoorweg werk sal ek maar met die eerste tien regkom dankie !


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 22:16
by vanz2
Don't forget. A Ford beat the Ferrari's way back , 1st ,2nd & 3rd i think.


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 22:46
by Gavin RS
well lets be a bit different then, The name FORD has won a championship in every type of racing class thats existed, not even Porsche can brag about that.

Then you get the COSWORTH name not only for Ford, Cosworth carried out design and developement work for the likes of GM, Mercedes, Volvo, Bently, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin,VW, Toyota to name a few.
And to all the Nissan Skyline fans out there, the new Skyline Turbo that is being released soon had its engine development work done by Cosworth as well as the new VW R32.Yet the only cars ever to carry the Cosworth badge on the car were the Ford, Sierra, Escort and Sapphire.

And regarding the CanAm.It is actually my first choice on SA 1982 based in Cape Town in the SA Airforce I could have bought one for R2,995 but bought a Granada V6XL Coupe instead,..........:-(


Posted: Wed 29 Aug 2007, 23:57
by Firenza GT
Only teasing about who's best between Ford/Chev, reason why I crossed religious grounds and bought a Perana too. (Not to mention far more practical and reliable than a Can Am)

Yes Can Am's were dirt those days beginning to fall apart and that was at the time of when the market was "lekker" to buy anything. Hence in 1982 I bought my first car, another cheap Can Am, couple of years later a Firenza GT for 800 bucks, then another Can Am cheap, a CBX Honda for 2000 bucks with 19000km's, another cheap Can Am etc. These cars were being destroyed at a good rate by then already. they were cheap enough to give away to your brother so I gave Can Am's away too !


Posted: Thu 30 Aug 2007, 21:12
by TdL351GT
My wish list.

1. GT40
2. 65 Shelby GT350H
3. 68 Shelby GT500KR
4. 66 Fairlane GT 427
5. 64 Fairlane Thunderbolt 427
6. 93 Porsche 964 Turbo
7. 73 XY Fairmont GT
8. 68 Pontiac Firebird
9. 70 Plymouth Barracuda
10. C Class Mercedes 63 AMG

If I look at the list now, I can't help to feel guilty about the absence of SA cars... :oops: We will have to built another garage