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Post by gordini » Sat 03 Nov 2012, 18:57

I own one of these cars and advertised it on Gumtree, but made a few crucial mistakes on the add. I recieved this bit of interesting history on the car for all to enjoy

Hello Basie

I am very familiar with the older type of Fiat models, my specialioty has been in the Fiat 1100, 1100D, adn 1200 models.

as far as I know there were a total of 17500 Fiat 1500 cars assembled in SA as CKD kits, all at durban motor Assemblies, Mobeni. If you open the bonnet, there should be a build tag, with reference: F15, followed by a number:

The number that follows is not exactly the consequitive Fiat 1500 that rolled off the production in Durban, becasue through the years other fiat cars also rolled off the production line, and were given their reference tag of either F23: for Fiat 2300 or F11: for Fiat 1100D.

Fiat 1500 was assembled from about Mar 1962 to Sep 1969, and included about 450 station wagons, i have the data somewhere. The later models, Fiat 1500 sable/series 2, from about late 1968 were fitted with a floor shif gear change.

All the series 2/Sable models had 3 BPH more than the other engines, the compression ratio was raised slightly, and othe rmodifications were done to front gille, lower beams, interior dash stalk switches, steering wheel, rear shcoks, etc.

John Conchie, had a contract with Cartoria motors in Joburg, in the early sixties, he raced a his modified Fiat 1500 Sable OTS, in the days arounbd Kayalami, and won several racers.

He modified the standard Fiat 124, 1189cc, Fiat 1500, Fiat 125 and Fiat 125 special.

I've only seen 1 Fiat 1500 OTS in this country many years ago. It had the OTS badge somewhere.

The Fiat 1500 OTS, engine was fitted with a modified regrind camshaft, with different valve lift, jets were changed in carburetor, larger tyres were fitted, a higher reving engine resulted in acceleration of 0 to 60 MPH, almost 100kph in 11.1 sec, that is excellent for 1968.

before the Fiat 1500 engine was introduced, it basically was a 1300cc engine, and known as the Fiat 1300, never sold in SA, but the Fiat 1500 engine was a bored out fiat 1300 block, same stroke. To make it more interesting, the straight 6, 1800cc fiat 1800 was introduced in 1959, engine designed by Lampredi, Ferrari engineer. In 1961 the Fiat 1800 block was bored out to 2100cc, then in 1963, the stroke changed, and bored out slightly more to make it 2300cc. In 1961/2, Lampredi, decided to "chop" the 6 cylinder block and make it a 4 cylinder engine, which was the introduction of the Fiat 1300.

the story goes on. the Fiat 125 is based on the Fiat 1500, has the same floorpan, suspension, except for engine. Polski Fiat built the Fiat 125 under license in Poland, but was fitted with the older Fiat 1300 and 1500 engines, you can see various videos on You-tube.

another modified Fiat 1500 was by a chap called SIATA, and the car known as FIAT 1500 Siata, very fast, including a coupe version.

regards Luigino
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