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BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Sat 24 Jan 2015, 20:39
by Can-Am ZN
Seen that I gave a brief description and history in my topic showing my Evo Hp, ( ... =9&t=18906)
I thought it prudent to start a thread and post an Afrikaans Wiel magazine article/road test on the car (at the reef), scribed back in October 1991.

Oh, the 0-100km/h time quoted under "Kortliks" on page 1 is incorrect...please see the text as well as the specifications under "Werkverrigting - Versnelling" on page 3:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Mon 26 Jan 2015, 16:43
by Can-Am ZN
Tony Viana leads Michael Briggs' SuperBoss at Kyalami, 1 February 1992:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Tue 27 Jan 2015, 08:06
by ZA Perana
That really was a great era of motorsport in SA.

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Sun 22 Feb 2015, 09:18
by Can-Am ZN
Just to notify those who may be interested, there is now a closed group 325iS Evolution HP register that has been established recently on Facebook. It is administered quite strictly (for obvious reasons) and is intended for owners to register and record their 325iS Evo HP (also commonly known as "Evo 2") cars.

The group also indulges in everything from general chat regarding the cars to sharing of period pics and videos of the car's motorsport history in the early '90s.

The register offers each car its own photo album, identified by its unique chassis number.

If you own one of these sought after homologation specials, go register your pride and joy there and enjoy banter from other owners of these very special cars:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Mon 25 May 2015, 22:35
by IndianaJones
Liking your new signature very much Gavin.
Nice one. Thumbs up.

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Mon 25 May 2015, 23:05
by V8 fan
The same here Gavin - looks great!

Btw, did you know that the Perana in your signature is for sale and being advertised in the UK for an astronomical amount of mula 8O

Here's the link:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Tue 26 May 2015, 08:15
by Can-Am ZN
Thanks fellas :mrgreen:

I have always been a devout fan of our homologation icons since I was but a wee-lad and thought I would design a collage of them to put up as my signature.

What surprised me was how I struggled to find images of the cars in their completely standard/original form...most of the ones I found had them painted in non-original paint schemes, fitted with strange non-standard parts/accessories or with aftermarket mag wheels and/or lowered springs!

I keep on thinking that I have missed one or two, but think I have covered all of them that made it onto the racetracks around the country :?

Yes Gert, I saw that is was for sale...and, ahhem, that is rather pricey! Our good UK friends are prepared to lay out good moola for these cars nowadays, though. I used this one because it was the best shot of the most standard looking Perana that I could find..

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Tue 26 May 2015, 17:03
by Can-Am ZN
CAR Magazine road test:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Thu 12 May 2016, 18:05
by Can-Am ZN
A bit of history of the car that I drafted to stick to my car's window when I put it on display at this years Cars In The Park in Ashburton this Sunday:

Re: BMW 325iS Evolution HP

Posted: Fri 13 May 2016, 09:01
by Gavin RS
back when those cars were racing I worked at TBS Auto on the dyno, we reprogrammed the ECU and dyno'd Robbi Smith's race car as well as a few Superboss Opels including Farook Dangor's racing Superboss, enjoyed those days. I worked on quite a few Group N cars as well as 2 Porsche Turbo Cup race cars as well as a lot of other different race cars.
On all the Group N cars the new tyres would be dropped off at TBS and we had a machine that would shave all the rubber down, the various teams would ask us to shave the tyres to their requirements and I think the maximum tread depth was around 3mmI used to cringe seeing all the new brand new tyres getting shaved .

Gavin I must get a friend of mine to register on your facebook 325is group. I just re valued his IS for insurance, original unmolested mint condition 1991 BMW 325 is, full service history, has all books , tools original spare and mileage is around 85k, he only drives it once a month then locks it away as he keeps getting bugged from chancers wanting to buy the car