Chevrolet Commodore in SA

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Lotmi Tofreden
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Chevrolet Commodore in SA

Post by Lotmi Tofreden » Sat 11 Nov 2017, 12:57

Hi there,

my name is Carsten and I'm running a Website on the Opel Commodore C and his siblings I'm just updating my site on the Chevrolet Commodore and came across this forum ... 74#p138743 . Great stuff, lots of information I could not find anywhere else on the internet.

I have some questions, which I hope someone can answer. I looked at the german production figures and found, that 600 Commodore 2.8H where assembled in 1981 and further 3048 in 1982. Does anyone know, how many of these where Commodore Wagons?

Furthermore I'm not entirely sure about the lifespan of the Opel Commodore C2. Production in Germany for the Opel Commodore ended in Juli 1982. Where was the Commodore C2 manufactured and when did the production start?
Next one is the introduction of the Commodore 3.0E. I have found an add from november 1984 with the 3.0€ engine. Do you know exactly, when it was introduced? All Commodore C fans in Germany would love to have seen a Commodore C 3.0E in Germany ;-)

Best regards from Germany,


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Re: Chevrolet Commodore in SA

Post by First V8 » Thu 16 Nov 2017, 20:29

Johann66 you should have some info on this range of cars .
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Re: Chevrolet Commodore in SA

Post by IndianaJones » Thu 16 Nov 2017, 21:08

I sincerely doubt anyone would have the numbers of how many Commodore station wagons were manufactured in SA, as opposed to sedans.

You might find how many Commodore C or C2 models were sold, stated in an old "Auto Data Digest" book.

The "Auto Data Digest" book was sold in South Africa between the early 70's and late 90's, there were a passenger vehicle version and a commercial vehicle version of the book available, the book listed technical specification on all mass production vehicle models sold in South Africa, during that timeframe, and if I recall correctly, an updated copy was released each year.
Unfortunately I don't have a copy of one of these books.

I would assume that South African Commodore C's were manufactured by GM of South Africa in Port Elizabeth, until Delta Motor Corporation took over from GM in 1986/1987, and Delta manufactured them until Commodore production was halted around March 1988.
Opel Rekord production continued till into the 90's.
The 2.8L engine in the Opel Commodore, was replaced by the 3.0L fuel-injection from the Senator around June 1984. The Opel Senator was starting to be phased out from around September 1985.
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