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Decode Ford Capri Data plates

Posted: Wed 24 Feb 2021, 19:35
by Rumble86
Hi all, new guy here.

I need some help decoding the last few numbers on my Ford Capri vin plate. I've seen this post ... hp?t=18716 on the decode of the Vin plates but there are two options I can't find accurate info on. and it makes me wonder if these plates aren't for a different car altogether.

I've attached a pic of the plate, blanked out the serial and Sido (dont think its a good idea to share that with the world)

What I've come up with is the following.

S&A = CS
Body = 33
Year = JA
Engine = T
Trans = N
R Axle = 4
Trim = A
Paint = 1.0M

What I can't find is the body type and the engine.
The body type shows = 33 but that was for the Ford Fairmont GT but the fairmont only came to SA in 1970 I think, and if these were fairmont plates the S&A would read MS not CS.
The engine code is T which I found somewhere would be for a 1300
The original engine number on the old registration certificate shows AB1300 and the weight is 929 so it as definitely one of the smaller motors.

So for me it looks like it was originally a Candy Apple Red 1300 GT Capri with a Black interior assembled in July 1969 or its for another car entirely. I'd just like the experts to tell me what I'm sitting with, the car currently has an Essex V6 in it, it has been resprayed before is going in for another respray and rust removal.

Any help would be appreciated. Its just for my own curiosity.