Brake Service (CT area)

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Brake Service (CT area)

Post by wally » Sun 17 Aug 2008, 11:58

wasn't quite sure which section to post this under.

BIG shout out to Doug Hirkham and his son. they own CBF in Diepriver.

they rebonded my shoes, skimmed discs, cleaned cylinders, supplied new seals and bleeding nipples
and made up 2 new brake hoses.

best of all - it is the first part of my project that is under budget! :) it done within a day or so!

CT guys, give them a call:

Contact details: 082 440 2482
(021)715-3889 (w)
(021)761-8794 (h)

will post pics in resto section. - Uniting the world's Christian community in one song on 8 November 2015 @ 15h00 GMT. Come sing with us!

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Re: Brake Service (CT area)

Post by Mike J » Fri 24 Jul 2015, 14:57

Thanks Wally, I need to take my Ranchero there next week.

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