Advice regarding sandblasting and painting required

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Advice regarding sandblasting and painting required

Post by duppa » Tue 10 May 2016, 20:01

Good evening, I have bought an 1972 El Camino and will and have started to search on the internet for parts and accessories. I have noticed that in South Africa it is difficult to find shops that can assist me. Like for instance I am looking for a V8 shop where I can buy a pre assembled Chevy 350 V8 and a 400 turbo box transmission. Also have considering to sand blast the body and chassis before sending it in for painting and before the engine will be installed. I am struggling to find a shop that can assist me with painting. However on OLX I found a private painter that asked me why I want to sand blast. He also told me that by sandblasting the sand will leave smoll holes in the iron and will make his job more difficult. The place that I found on the internet that can perform sandblasting said that they will sand blast the hole body, in side and out side with the chassis and after sandblasting he will apply primer. May some one advice me on this. This will be my first build and hope that I can ask more questions during the build?

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