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Acronym Quiz

Post by zahistorics » Sun 02 Sep 2012, 03:31

Inspired by 24 acronyms I ask:

What does TLA mean?

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Re: Acronym Quiz

Post by ters » Sun 02 Sep 2012, 08:06


There are numerous... :D

****** TLA Texas Library Association
***** TLA Three Letter Acronym
***** TLA The Last Airbender (movie and TV series)
***** TLA Text-Link-Ads (Internet advertising)
***** TLA Top-Level Aggregation
**** TLA Temporal Logic of Actions (logic system)
**** TLA Tennessee Library Association
**** TLA The Lost Age (game)
**** TLA Theater of the Living Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
**** TLA Temporary Lodging Allowance
**** TLA Teaching, Learning and Assessment
**** TLA Teacher Learning Academy (UK)
**** TLA Three Letter Abbreviation
**** TLA The Language Academy (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
**** TLA Trial Lawyers Association
**** TLA True Love Always
**** TLA Transportation Lawyers Association
*** TLA Total Laboratory Automation
*** TLA Temporary Living Allowance
*** TLA Thin Layer Activation
*** TLA The Lawrence Arms (band)
*** TLA Territorial Local Authorities (New Zealand)
*** TLA Transformative Language Arts (Goddard College)
*** TLA The Last Alliance
*** TLA Top Level Architecture (information security defense-in-depth)
*** TLA Timber License Agreement (Philippines)
*** TLA Truth in Lending Act
*** TLA Trinidad Lake Asphalt
*** TLA Teller, Alaska (Airport Code)
*** TLA Term Loan A
*** TLA Three Letter Agency
*** TLA Throttle Lever Angle
*** TLA Top Level Assembly
*** TLA Tournament Life Announcement (chess)
*** TLA Two Letter Acronym (less common)
** TLA Top Level Aggregate
** TLA Training Level Assignment
** TLA Transluminal Angioplasty (navigating transluminally through blood vessels to perform angioplasty.
** TLA Terminal Lecteur Applicatif (French: Terminal Drive Application)
** TLA Temporary Lodging Assistance
** TLA Two-Location Algorithm
** TLA Talk, Listen, Act (United Parcel Service training)
** TLA The Last Ambassadors (band)
** TLA Telephone Line Adapter
** TLA Termination Liability Agreement
** TLA Transmit Level Adjustment
** TLA Toulouse Lalande-Aucamville (French rugby club)
** TLA True Life Anatomy Pty Ltd (software)
** TLA Triathlon du Lac d'Aiguebelette (French triathlon)
** TLA Time Line Analysis
** TLA Telemetry Link Adapter
** TLA Tenant Lease Agreement
* TLA Teaching and Learning Assistant (education)
* TLA Term Life Assurance
* TLA Travel & Living Allowance
* TLA Total Living Allowance
* TLA Terminal Low Altitude
* TLA Terminate and Leave Activated
* TLA Techniques Loisirs Automobiles (French automobile service company)
* TLA Triple Letter Acronym (less common than Three Letter Acronym)
* TLA Tie Line Class A (24 hours/day service)
* TLA Tissue-Like Assemblies
* TLA Theater Lead Agent (US DoD)
* TLA Transmitter Launch Amplitude
* TLA Talk-Listen-Action
* TLA Tamilnadu Library Association (India)
* TLA Top Level Alarm
* TLA Top-Level Administrator (computing)
* TLA The Lost Agency (various organizations)
* TLA The Lost Art
* TLA Toyo Logistics America (Torrance, CA)
* TLA Teaching and Learning Activities
* TLA Technology Leadership Academy (various locations)
* TLA Technology Licensing Agreement (contract)
* TLA Tektronix Logic Analyzer (computing)
* TLA Telstra Learning Academy (Australia)
* TLA The Latin Americanist (journal; Southeastern Council of Latin American Studies)

and 198 more, depends on your specific application.

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Re: Acronym Quiz

Post by zahistorics » Sun 02 Sep 2012, 17:41

Ters is right.

the one i was thinking of is Three Letter Acronym.

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