R8 Gordini seal kit

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R8 Gordini seal kit

Post by nic4 » Sat 07 Jun 2008, 17:43

Does anyone know where I can find caliper seal kits for a R8 Goedini?

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Re: R8 Gordini seal kit

Post by zahistorics » Sat 07 Jun 2008, 21:18

Nic - do you have a part number? Or a part number and manufacturer for the caliper (look on the casting). If you have some details we can probably track one down.

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Re: R8 Gordini seal kit

Post by Ren@ult10 » Mon 21 Jul 2014, 06:26

Hi, I'm a new member, my first post.
You can get them from Mecaparts, (France) on line. Service is usually very good.

Cheers, Henry :

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