Forgotten V8

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Re: Forgotten V8

Post by Johann65 » Sun 12 Apr 2009, 20:21

Regarding the forgotton V8 - Simca Vedette. Pistons were the size of the old 5/- Crown coin! 8O Didn't sound much better that a DKW! :lol: As sales went down the tails went up!!! :lol:
Simca Vedette
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Ah! Yes I remember it well! (Only GM's!)
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Re: Forgotten V8

Post by mahleu » Thu 27 Aug 2009, 19:34

Killarney Racer wrote:There was only one prototype Flamingo V8 made. This was raced and driven on the road by Bob van Niekerk but it was considered too dangerous for production. I believe he still has it. It was gold and I remember seeing it race.
Certain media publications deemed it dangerous but the fact that it's still around (with the original owner) suggests otherwise. I think the power to weight ratio simply frightened them.
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