Volvos in this country

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Re: Volvos in this country

Post by Hi-Fi » Wed 23 Jul 2008, 23:11

Now that is very good news! I can't wait to see it.

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Re: Volvos in this country

Post by bigboy » Thu 19 Dec 2013, 17:17

Firenza GT wrote:This one ? Note some interesting others in the background. Looks like Willie Hepburn Duckhams RX7, George Santana Autoquip V6 Capri.

Wally, where's that watermark thingy you were bragging about ? This is toom much effort to sign each photo !
hey guys. the laurel that they were talking about picture has ddisappeared. can someone repost it again. I want to know if it's the same one my dad had before it got wrecked. the one my dad had was the old BP sponsored car. what if learned it used the original 2.8 Powerplant but was changed in 1982 to a 350 Chevy. he bought it from Derick Mans in cape town for a few bucks. only needed a motor. 4 speed duck nash gearbox, 9" diff, full coil over suspension with the slicks still on. that time never thought that they would reach some big money later on.

unfortunately it died on the oval track.

sorry guys for the bad quality. I'll scan them in one day. that's me many moons ago holding the arch that was cut off.
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