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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by Firenza GT » Thu 26 Mar 2009, 18:28

Gunter wrote:Car # 35 in the background is a space frame Golf owned by Colin Clay.
Pff the topic in my photobox I am sure I have photo's of that Golf when it was white with blue striping. "Powerking" signage. As was a space framed 140Y coupe Datsun also seen at Zwartkops in the 90's.

Good question John I somehow only remember seeing that 535 in such later Gunston colours. Definitely was'nt the older style. It actually looked very nice. I'll have to look for the photo's but if my memory serves there was BMW Handelaarspan on the screen tops.

When I saw the green 535 "replica" at Goldfields it somehow looked more real than this one if it's the same car. I'm sure I have some photo's I took because I thought of Tony who had by then passed away and he was one of my hero's.

If anyone saw before they pulled Goldfields down at the end of the pitlane on the wall there was a big in memory of Tony Viana thing painted there. In fact I think they called it the Tony Viana pitlane. We were there at the tony Viana memorial races which was about a year after he passed on.

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by nick sheward » Fri 27 Mar 2009, 08:29

Great interest here. Havent seen this for a while on the forum. Maybe I can attempt to answer all in one. You guys are all correct about the paint schemes on the original 535 car. The car was originally BP sponsored and then by Gunston in the light colours. No 535 raced in the earlier orange colours. The body work on the spare shell(I cannot even call it a spare car) we are talking about is very different from Tony's original car as pointed out. I was offered the spare shell in 2001 by one of his ex-mechanics who shall remain nameless and had to turn it down as it had no racing heritage. Cheers!

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by Fanie » Sun 29 Mar 2009, 21:42

Hi guys
Just out of curiosity,i noticed no one mentioned the name of Hannes Oosthuisen.Was he not seriously involved in BMW racing in the same era as Tony and the guys?Him and his brother Piet own the house next to me in Hartenbos and up to date still drive the latest Bmw's.I must say very pleasant guys.
Cheers Fanie

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by gordini » Sun 29 Mar 2009, 22:00

Fanie wrote:Hi guys
Just out of curiosity,i noticed no one mentioned the name of Hannes Oosthuisen.Was he not seriously involved in BMW racing in the same era as Tony and the guys?Him and his brother Piet own the house next to me in Hartenbos and up to date still drive the latest Bmw's.I must say very pleasant guys.
Cheers Fanie
The same with Nols and Alan Theron from Klerksdorp BMW, that sponsored most of Tony's activities. They are both dead now but some macnificent men.........
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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by Firenza GT » Sun 29 Mar 2009, 23:08

The late Tony Viana was an icon on his own. Not saying this being being a fellow Portugues compatriot but as a child I'd see in old magazines him racing his Viva GT, then Firenza GT for a short while, then the first car I saw him in here at Killarney his Firenza coupe and Fiat 131 Racing. The rest is history. And a very significant piece for BMW right to his last race in the SATCAR 318 BMW.

I would say he made BMW's name and thus as a result of his input to a large extent the legendry 325is was built, raced etc.

I have some photo's somewhere of Tony discussing the way-out across the engine bay and rear parcel shelf shock set-up on the last modified BMW that was built for he and Deon Joubert. Is my memory correct that soon after that first race here in the new car he removed all that and went back to a conventional set-up ?

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by zahistorics » Sun 29 Mar 2009, 23:48

I just remembered a part answer to my own question - there was one BMW that raced in the orange scheme, but it was not a saloon it was an M1.

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by camerareadycars » Fri 06 Nov 2009, 19:34

Railway wrote:
Triplethree wrote: Anyone have any pics of the 333? and is it perhaps the ex Robbi Smith 1986 car? Heard that it was built off a 323i donor base car and they tried to get it homologated with the 3.5l engine but MSA would have nothing of it so they had to settle for class B. non M3 E30 cars not the greatest handlers in any event :) Would be great to see how the car has weathered. Who owns it now?

Quite probable I have of my own which I may have taken back then. But in magazines I am sure I have seen quite a few. It will take a bit of time to find right now though but will keep you in mind. Remember that car, did'nt it have spots or graphics all over it ? Was white if I remember correctly.
Robbi Smith is now based in Cape Town and is still in the Stunt Car business and has recently built a new V8 Capri and purchased a new APV V8 Ford Owen Ashley car to compete in the master series at Killarney. Peter Kaye-Eddie has purchased the ex Tony Viana 325 Group N Shadowline from the 1980's and Alec Ceprnich is rebuilding the car to perfection. Robbi will be driving this vehicle shortly and entering into the races in Zwartkops raceway.

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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by 427TNT » Mon 05 Jul 2010, 09:17

I was fortunate to meet up with Nick Sheward on Saturday for some advice on something totally different from this post,but then a piece of history played of in front of my eyes when i saw the restoration project of this BMW 745i in question.WOW that all i can say!!He 's got some car there.
Nick's very knowlegable and know his stuff.No wonder he gets reckoned as a good restorer.
Thanks Nick for the info on the other car i needed info on.Hope i find one oneday.
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Re: Tony Vianna BMW 745i

Post by MFG Motorsport » Thu 29 Dec 2011, 11:51

Gunter wrote:100% correct FIRENZA GT...the 333i did fall off the trailer on its way to Cape Town,in actual fact it was its debut race,thats the car i am talking about that is in Zim...the 5 series i have heard is also in Zim (after being in Namibia for a few years),
also heard a rumour that one of the 5 series ended up with a Chevy V8...

Gunter - I know this is old stories, but I spoke to Llewellyn Anthony this morning who had the Ex Tony Vienna BMW 5 Series. He has confirmed that the car went to Zim when he sold it. He also had 3 Series box shape which he says was an ex Vienna car. This car also went to Zim. Are these both the same cars that you are referring to? I know that the 5 series was completely original when he sold it. The 3 series however was very different. It had been Turbo'd by Alpine conversions if I recall correctly and the rear fenders were widened to fit much wider slicks. It also had an oil cooler in the boot to cool down the diff as it overheated and later on they fiited it with a cooler system that has the fuel running through dry ice to cool that down. Both 5 Series Bmw's raced here in Namibia a long time ago with Deon Joubert driving the one, Llewellyn Anthony the ex Vienna car and Fakkie Gous the 3 Series of Llewellyn. Llewellyn said that the one he had horizontal suspension whereas Deon's car had normal suspension.

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