Can Am build pictures

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Can Am build pictures

Post by GRUNTY » Sun 16 Oct 2011, 20:22

Hi Firenza and all Can Am enthusiasts. For some reason the build pitures that were on page 24 did not come through on my mail.As the recent purchaser of the Mike Forsyth replica I am very interested in Can Ams, having been the owner of the Des Ally built replica and later the Ivor Raasch Challenge Chevair.Naturally I am keen to document the history of my car as the details are sketchy.Any pictures of this car being built and its racing history will be appreciated.
I have no intention of misrepresenting this car as anything other than a beautifully built and maintained replica which we are hoping to run at Swartkops and other tracks in its present but rebuilt condition.Due to the little history I have other than replacement of certain wearing items the intention is to run it as is.I hope this car will ultimately meet with forum approval and will appreciate any reasonable input. Cheers,

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