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Geoff Mortimer Racing Chevairs

Posted: Sun 08 Jun 2014, 14:22
by rallysierra
Saw the post about the Geoff Mortimer Chevairs, and decided to start a new thread and share what I know and the pics I have been able to collect.

I own what I believe is the only surviving Chev dealer team built Chevair rally car. Glynn Hall , now head of Toyota Motorsport (Hallspeed), told me after showing him the car, it was the last one built, and He personally did a lot of the work on it in 1978 to 1980. From the fotos I have It is clear that 2 cars participated in the 1978 Castrol. Here fotographed around Kayalami which was part of one of the stages.

The other foto looks like another car, with what looks like Navigator Spotty Woodhead. Apparently Geoff Mortimer raced the Chevairs for another year with Castrol as main sponsor, after Chev dealer Team closed down in 1980.

The track cars I don't know much about, but in the one photo it is clear that their were 2.

So in answer to the question of how many cars the were, and if the Rally cars were used as Track cars. Looks like 2 track cars and at least 3 different Rally cars.

If I ever build a track car I would like to build a replica Geoff Mortimer V8 Chevair!

Ill post more about the Rally Chevair later.

Re: Geoff Mortimer Racing Chevairs

Posted: Sun 08 Jun 2014, 15:32
by ZA Perana
Great pictures, thanks for posting. Does your car still have the Blydenstein motor in it?

Re: Geoff Mortimer Racing Chevairs

Posted: Sun 08 Jun 2014, 22:11
by rallysierra
Yes it has. You can have a look at my "Introduce yourself". I will try and do a post on the rally Chevair soon.

Re: Geoff Mortimer Racing Chevairs

Posted: Mon 09 Jun 2014, 08:48
by sidedraught
I have actually driven in the rally Chevair a few years ago. My father's one friend John Sanders owned it and Johan Prins rebuilt the car for him. It was painted in Rothmans colours, don't really know why? That car was insanely strong! That Blydenstein engine was very angry! John rallied the car for a few years in the Sahara championship, but later sold the car, probably to you? I saw the car n while later in Castrol colours at the Top Gear festival. Does it still have the Suzuki motorbike mechanical rev counter?