Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

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Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

Post by Waterhond » Thu 23 Jul 2015, 16:57

Mustang Prices and other muscle cars are just getting way overpriced for the average guy to get in the hobby that's what burns me. A good honest Mustang like Birds should be affordable and attainable to the average enthusiast and owners with stars in their eyes of values of their cars go against that for most of us.

I am still saying keep it honest and real and dont over sell classics this is not Gas Monkey Richard Rawlins BS.
Thanks Brennan ! The above is what is important to me too. Very well said.

I am that "average enthusiast", and its "owners with stars in their eyes of values of their cars", that also keeps me out of it.


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Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

Post by brennan67 » Thu 23 Jul 2015, 21:42

Colin we are getting along aren't we? no hassles just shooting the breeze, its all good. Just points of view.

I make mention of USA prices because 1. they are product of USA origination. 2. Anyone can import a 65 Mustang at USA prices + duty + freight. 3. Not many K codes in SA- I know of one been imported currently, but most are C odes like Birds.

If I was in market for a 65 and I wanted to spend R900k I would import from USA and get at least a factory GT or one of the performance models. At the end of it any Mustang can be made a replica or clone of a performance model but its only the real thing if it came like that from the factory. Not all mustangs are created equal (Just like the Perana)

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Re: Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

Post by brennan67 » Thu 23 Jul 2015, 21:51

Bird 455 wrote:I don't think you being fair on the 1600 capri guys Brennan.
Your defence is always the numbers in the states. Its obvious and everybody knows those numbers.

I have to always bring you back to the fact that the 65 to 66 fastback sells for highest amount of money due to the popularity and rarity in this country. Our buyers who have the means to buy the cars want either 65/66 Fastback or alternatively a properly done Eleanor replica but the car needs to show a bar worth of parts. The 65 /66 can be stock.

I wouldn't over capitalise on that 67 bren. Rather sort that man cave out. Money is much safer in property.
Bird, am I been harsh on the Capri guys ?

Why are 65 to 66 fastbacks rare in SA as anyone with the means can import one tomorrow?

The cave is done, but if you have some ford stuff floating around for the wall feel free to send it my way. :D

Lol I may just sell the 67 and import 2 65's ? But no I wont over capitalise thanks for having my back. Can count on the Ford brotherhood for that right ? right ?

Anyway lets see the pics of the infamous 65, I am a fan of all 70 and below years. So jokes aside would like to see the progress of your work.

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Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

Post by Buckaroo » Mon 27 Jul 2015, 13:36

I think I need to clarify a few issues, all of which have a bearing on local Mustang prices:
1. there is no 1965 rule - it is a myth - you can apply to your MEC for Transport for a special dispensation to keep your imported vehicle in LHD but I wouldn't dare to bet on a positive outcome or even a reply to your letter. As a practical rule all imports have to be converted to RHD;
2. at the moment the NRCS are refusing to issue LOA's for any imported vehicle unless you can prove it complies with the latest EEC safety specifications. This means zero prospect for any classic vehicle other than pre 1965 ( which is exempted) so you can't just import one even if you have an ITAC permit as that means nothing to the NRCS;
3. Mustang and other classics' prices are going sky high in the USA. The days of a sub 10k dollar Mustang - unless it's a pile of junk- are long gone;
4. the rand dollar is almost 13 to one.
5. shipping etc is between R60 - 100k then plus duty plus VAT. : New 67/68/69/70 RHD Mustang Fastbacks, Restomod: RHD 65-70 Mustangs, RHD Chevelle coupes, RHD 68 Camaros.
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Re: 65 Mustang fastback.

Post by Bird 455 » Mon 27 Jul 2015, 21:06

Buckaroo, thank you for clearing that up.

The laws and regulations are hazy if you have never actually imported a vehicle.

I for one, have never believed it to be simple or cheap to import anything. Let alone a beautiful rare 65 Fastback.

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