Australian Street Rod Nats - Easter 2011

A place to give details for upcoming events and some nice pictures afterwards.
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Re: Australian Street Rod Nats - Easter 2011

Post by BURT » Wed 27 Apr 2011, 16:38

Those rods look great, just a question without trying to ruffle any ozzie feathers are they all built in Australia or are a large majority imported from the States.

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Re: Australian Street Rod Nats - Easter 2011

Post by shoedoos » Wed 27 Apr 2011, 22:53

the ugly ones are built in Oz, the American looking ones are imported.....wide sweeping statement I know, but generally the govt regs make it hard to emulate US trends so that's why they end up with header surrounds, wheel covers and weird ride heights....

The Ocker dollar is worth $1.07 to the US$1 at present so there's plenty contemplating importation but once again the Aussie govt is working on nipping that in the bud by putting many stones in place to make it harder....good for local chassis/rod shops as the money stays inside their country, but then the look most certainly suffers...

And realise, what you're looking at a lot of the time isn't actually legal to honestly drive on the road....

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Re: Australian Street Rod Nats - Easter 2011

Post by barry » Thu 28 Apr 2011, 04:59

Hey Mark (? I suck at remembering names)

Thanks for putting up the links!

Looking through the pics the majority appear to be RHD which would tend to nix your theory maybe? There are a bunch of truly world class craftsmen in ANZAC-land turning out some really great cars. (Sad part is SA was on a similar car hobby trajectory to those countries 30-40 years ago......)

Of course the opinion of what is ugly or not is purely in the eyes of the beerholder, but I am not seeing too much that is disagreeable. Fender laws were around in most US states in the 40's & 50's too, so although we have become used to seeing fenderless cars it is as much a result of media conditioning (like "airbrushed" lips, skin etc) as a reflection of how these cars looked "back in the day".

Wire mesh over the ramshorns does look a little iffy though :lol: ;)
just because you welded it - doesn't mean it's welded......

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Re: Australian Street Rod Nats - Easter 2011

Post by shoedoos » Fri 29 Apr 2011, 06:33

Didn't check the LHD of the pics Barry, but trust me on this one, the ockers really do know how turn a silk purse into a sow's ear....

Melbourne (or thereabouts), where the Australian Nats was held is the most lenient state for building one-off vehicles, so a lot of what you witnessed in the links would have been local, therefore you're not seeing many of the chrome tractors from interstate.

Mind you, an old friend of mine did once point out hot rodding is an individual's sport.....and one man's trash is another's treasure....

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