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FPT Clan reducing

Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 11:28
by FPT
Good day Gents

It is with great sadness that the time has come to sell some of my cars. The only reason for this is that space has become an issue and I need to upgrade to some newer an reliable.

1. Ford Capri V8 - Bob Oltoff tribute wanting R 120 000.00
I bought the body of a guy in the squatter camp 20 years ago.
Rebuild the car 18 years ago. Every thing except upholstery was done by myself.
The car is completely rust free and has been kept under covers in the garage for the last 18 years.

Absolutely everything on the car works and are in good nick.
It has full V6 suspension with uprated front coils.
302 Ford V8 was fitted by myself and no cutting or abuse was done to the fire wall or tunnel. A double hump aluminium sump was sourced to fit over the cross member.
The car runs and drives beautifully, although the wheels do catch on the back due to be a bit wide.
Full interior in great condition.
Paintwork very good as it was done way back then in 2k.
The car stands most of the time only driven 3-4 times a year.
Engine runs well and does not use any oil.
It does have a small oil leak on automatic box, I belief because of standing such long periods.
The catch is the car has no papers or engine compartment tags. :oops: :oops: :oops: I know this is a problem hence my low asking price.
I had it on gumtree for three days, but I get ridiculous questions and calls. Also what I hear some want to do with it makes my hair stand up!!!
It really is sad to take this decision, but as stated I need space.

The car is a great toy and really is a great looker. If someone is interested please call me on zero eight two 459 7783.

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Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 11:30
by FPT
Some more, I am struggling to upload photo's even after reducing the size.

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Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 11:44
by FPT
I would have loved for it to go to a collector or museum if I could choose.

I can mail more photo's as they do not upload.

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Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 11:59
by FPT
Secondly my 1999 XR6 Falcon is also in the market.

Car is in great condition inside and out. I use at is a daily driver and it runs well and everything works on the car. There are very few AU XR6's in South Africa and this car has never been painted or had work done on drive train at all.

This is a great car with all the bells and whistles. Asking price R 55 000.00.

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Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 12:05
by FPT

Re: FPT Clan reducing Capri and Falcon

Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 14:02
by FPT

Re: FPT Clan reducing

Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 18:39
I love the XR6!! Perfect car, Manual or auto?

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Posted: Wed 18 Apr 2018, 21:01
by ZA Perana
Both are very well priced for hard to find cars in fantastic condition.

I wouldn't budge from your prices.

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Posted: Thu 19 Apr 2018, 21:58
by FPT
Thanks for the kind words ZA.

I am told I can double the amount for the Capri, which is very well build and rust free for so many years. If only I had put it on the road way back when it was still easy. Registration is possible and cheap as everythingi is legit on the car, but a lengthy process, I have done some a while ago.

The Falcon is really a car that glues to the road, I drive it daily. It really is not that heavy on fuel as one would asume.

I had to make the hard decision only because of space. Capri I hardly ever drive and have a V6 as you might know as well. Falcon because I also have two and the other one has lower kilos, although I am still in two minds as the AU is in fact a better drive and has more options than the EF.

I am in no hurry though, if one sadly sells then I pull the other one back. This would be only the third car I sell in my life, guess I am a hoarder as per FPT Clan topic. And then I am picky to whom I want to sell them too. Had alot of reaction on gumtree, but if you hear what okes want to do with them, it is horrific!

If they do not go to a good home, I keep them and extend the garage for the fifth time, would be much to the wifes disapproval, and I get to drive the ones in front even less tough.

Sorry for the few pics, I have resized to under 3mb, but they do not load, get a message invalid.

Re: FPT Clan reducing

Posted: Thu 19 Apr 2018, 22:03
by FPT
Thanks Rassie

All XR6's are 5 speed manual T5 boxes. I understand they are quite tough and also has LSD. I would not know as I do not race my cars except for the rare robot or highway clash with a silly BMW, Merc, etc. showing them them the shape of the tail lights and hiding special nose configuration of the XR6... :oops: :twisted: ;)

Rumour has it only about 100 AU's were imported in XR6 models. All other models were auto's.