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Post by FPT » Tue 14 Oct 2008, 12:40

Guys, Guys Guys...
Hold on!!! You are going to get heart attacks because of this little sh#t. Ignore him, its not even worth it to respond to the idiotic statements he makes. We are here to enjoy ourselves. Even the guys overseas will not buy that rust bucket or any of the other rubish arround there. No classic or muscle cars fan will or should be so stupid to buy the rust heap for that price. I think this whole thing was started to annoy us, I mean "orange peal" my ass!! Ignore this kind of reposes he send. I think all of us or then most know more in one finger about the cars than a swindler has in his whole body!

By the way how is the weather there by you guys? Here it is danm hot!

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Post by PURP351 » Tue 14 Oct 2008, 14:32

Hi Guys
If he bought this car to sell to Oz to make a fortune on the muscle car Boom, he is mistaken!!! That ship has already sailed. With the muscle car market in Oz taking a dramatic decline, and flattened out people are spending their money very wisely in the current financial times, some even having to sell to top up the Morgage, and plenty of classic muscle cars coming on the market here . but "Good"cars are still selling for realistic prices. It's obvious he isn't an enthuisest, just a dealer that has built a bad reputation for himself in RSA and Oz. How does the saying go? GIVE A MAN ENOUGH ROPE AND HE WILL HANG HIMSELF!!! As Andre said anyone in their right mind wont pay that sort of money for a rusty car. I dont think that car will be headed this way in a hurry!

Regards Shayne ( from Oz)

Boxy MS33
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Post by Boxy MS33 » Tue 14 Oct 2008, 16:24

KASH GTS If I wasn't in Australia I would punch you fare in the mouth you arrogant prick. The amount of post that sit next to your sign in name says it all your are not an enthusiast but just a common thief.
I know every Administrator of all of the sites in Australia that you would consider selling & I will email them to warn them of your existence you are lower than a snakes ass.

Lino is 100% right us enthusiast come on to forums to discuss what we love classic muscle cars & that being African cars and share what we have learnt over years of spending time with fellow enthusiast.
All you do is benefit from our knowledge and fill your pockets full of cash as I can honestly say without us the "true" enthusiast you would not sell a single car.

I'm sure Tiaan usually does not mind the odd advertiser coming onto the Forum even if they never return as usually it may benefit someone who is looking for a certain type of part or vehicle But when you come on & brag about how much money you will make your here for one person only YOU.

Tiaan do your self a favour delete this Jerk let him spend his profits & advertise else where he has to outlay money maybe he might change his opinion.

Kash a respectful & in my thoughts the right thing to have done is to offer the car to a fellow countryman for a reasonable price.

What goes around comes around.
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Post by Gunter » Tue 14 Oct 2008, 20:40

Hope you got the message loud and clear...go 'Kash' in somewhere else, not on our site...
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Post by OldSkool II » Wed 15 Oct 2008, 11:12

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kwazulu arnie
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Post by kwazulu arnie » Sun 26 Oct 2008, 08:05

I can't help but agree with other members' opinions on this matter. However, the mark up is fantasy given the current financial dramas engulfing the world. Dealers such as this are in real trouble; the upshot of it all, is that they will be financially burned and the world meltdown will have delivered a fatal blow to the speculators that we could only have dreamed about 6 months ago.

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Post by Graeme » Sun 26 Oct 2008, 10:57

This guy probably uses this site to make money.He should be taken off.Why
buy the car to make money.This is a site about people you enjoy these fine
cars and know about them.Let me guess his brothers name is Shane.Also
likes to buy and sell these cars.Thats why when we look for a car to restore
we have to pay so much for these cars because people only have interests
to make money.Bet this guy doesnt know a thing about a GT.Anyway for the
past 3 years this has become a new thing about buying and selling classic cars
in this country which does nothing for us.To the guy who buys this car I will sell you mine restored for R500000.00.Hows that for a bargian. :(
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