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Sat 21 Nov 2015, 10:59
Forum: Restoration
Topic: 1980 Chev C30 Multipurpose Truck
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1980 Chev C30 Multipurpose Truck

I purchased a C30 a couple of months ago to use as flatbed. But it was a straight 6, so today purchased a C10 with 454 V8. This motor will now do duty. Project will start next year making one out of two. Want to make it tow truck, with sides that can be clipped in and out so can be used as normal tr...
Sat 07 Nov 2015, 12:17
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Ford motors vs Chevy's : whats wrong with you lot ?
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Re: Ford motors vs Chevy's : whats wrong with you lot ?

I agree 100% that Ford = Ford Engine and Chev = Chev Engine. All my friends for many years are Chev people and have always used the cheaper issue. This may have been the fact in 60's & 70's but yes today performance parts are made by same factory for both. But there will always be Ford guys and chev...
Tue 27 Oct 2015, 21:39
Forum: Parts wanted
Topic: C30 - Rims
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C30 - Rims

Hi guys, I'm struggling to find spare rims for my C30 Truck. Can anybody help?
Thu 15 Oct 2015, 19:35
Forum: Cars wanted
Topic: Ford escort cosworth
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Re: Ford escort cosworth

kechique wrote:might put it on ebay if i did not get reasonable offer.

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Hi, Where is car and price?
Wed 27 May 2015, 07:54
Forum: Post your ride
Topic: Cougar Barn Find!!
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Re: Cougar Barn Find!!

I believe both left hand, I normally look at wipers.
Mon 27 Apr 2015, 16:03
Forum: Technical
Topic: 351C thermostat housing
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Re: 351C thermostat housing

RASSIE wrote:I just buy the cast ones. The chrome Jap scrap is a old problem!!
I agree with Rassie, buy the cast one. Had six of these on my Sapphire, even two with O-Ring. If you use a lot it will fail within two weeks, if not they last +- six months.
Mon 27 Apr 2015, 14:20
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: What do your garage look like??
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Re: What do your garage look like??

Hi My Garage has changed a bit if you look at page 9 you will see old garage, it was impossible to work on my projects so I decided to change as below:
Sun 12 Apr 2015, 11:42
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Topic: Recent 383
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Re: Recent 383

Don't worry, even though I'm staying at home so busy at work that projects take forever. My Sapphire project is now more than eight years. I promised myself this year I need to at least get all going. I can then do the nice finishes one by one.
Sun 12 Apr 2015, 11:37
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Slot cars
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Re: Slot cars

First V8 wrote:I stopped because the track in Edenvale was taken down . Do you have a track ?
Yep, As mentioned I went a bit mad. Got lots of track as well. (scalextric & ninco. Both digital & normal) But I need to re-organise my house so I can start setting up at least one track.
Thu 09 Apr 2015, 19:36
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Topic: Recent 383
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Re: Recent 383

Hi Donovan,

How is your Cobra doing? I have had mine for more than 2 years and it is hopefully going to be back on the road by May, better say 2015.