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by wes351
Fri 01 Jul 2016, 13:47
Forum: Technical
Topic: F0rd 351C service
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Re: F0rd 351C service


GUD - Z95

I,ve been using Shell Helix 20w50 for years on my 351 without any issues at all...
by wes351
Mon 16 May 2016, 18:23
Forum: Parts wanted
Topic: F250 power steering
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F250 power steering

Hi All,

Anybody got a power steering setup for sale on a 1978 F250 4x4?
Running a 351 windsor...

Thanks in advance

by wes351
Fri 21 Aug 2015, 08:15
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: From LRP to Unleaded.
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Re: From LRP to Unleaded.

The Caltex in Langenhovenpark still has an LRP pump, the one at the tyre shop...
Although i have filled up with unleaded in the F250, also with a Cleveland, never had any problems...
by wes351
Mon 27 Oct 2014, 13:32
Forum: Indroduce yourself/Welcome to new members
Topic: Hello mense!
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Re: Hello mense!


That's definitely a time capsule! looks to be in great original shape....

Is that a Human Motors plaque on the tailgate?, they used to be the Dodge dealers in Bloem years ago...

Superb find....
by wes351
Wed 25 Jun 2014, 11:35
Forum: Cars and Parts on Other Sites
Topic: 1951 Ford Bakkie
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Re: 1951 Ford Bakkie

:x Why the flying Fu&k would somebody do that, And then have the audacity to ask that price?
by wes351
Mon 14 Apr 2014, 08:57
Forum: Parts wanted
Topic: 8 Lug Rims
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8 Lug Rims


Maybe i'll get lucky with this...

I need 3 of these rims / mags, if somebody has or knows someone, please gimme a shout...
Any condition will be considered.

They Are 16 inch in size
by wes351
Thu 03 Apr 2014, 08:31
Forum: Parts wanted
Topic: '70 Vauxhall Viva
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'70 Vauxhall Viva

probably a long shot.... but is there anyone that might have a windscreen for this car?
or know where i might find one?


by wes351
Fri 28 Mar 2014, 13:41
Forum: Engine
Topic: au ford xr6 vct
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Re: au ford xr6 vct

:?: :lol:
by wes351
Mon 10 Mar 2014, 14:49
Forum: Cars wanted
Topic: Looking for a '62-64 or '68-69 Dodge D100 Pickup
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Re: Looking for a '62-64 or '68-69 Dodge D100 Pickup

PM sent...

I,m Based in bloem, gimme a shout if you still need help...
by wes351
Wed 27 Nov 2013, 10:57
Forum: Cars and Parts on Other Sites
Topic: 1975 El Camino
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Re: 1975 El Camino

And to think, that was such a nice El Camino... The green suited it perfectly , nothing over the top, and then they painted the sides and roof ..... and FU%$ED it up completely....