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by Bigblock496
Fri 11 Sep 2015, 12:05
Forum: Cars wanted
Topic: Need some help im looking muscle car
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Re: Need some help im looking muscle car

Welcome to the forum!
Hope you find a 67Mustang or Camaro for 150K, everyone on this forum will agree it will probably cost 3 times as much!
Nice Escort though!
by Bigblock496
Fri 11 Sep 2015, 11:58
Forum: Technical
Topic: 327 Chevy V8 Starting woes
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Re: 327 Chevy V8 Starting woes

If the exhaust pipe comes close to the starter it will most definitely cause a starting issue due to the extreme heat,to the point were it wont even turn over! A heat shield or exhaust wrap should help! If all else fails just buy a quality new reduction starter,they really work well!
by Bigblock496
Sat 02 May 2015, 09:18
Forum: Restoration
Topic: Why Body and Paint First
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Re: Why Body and Paint First

This is the method I prefer and it works rather well on full restorations: The body goes onto the rotisserie and gets prepped inside and out and underneath,then it will get sprayed body colour underneath,engine bay,door jams and interior,but the outside gets left alone! Then the inside of the doors,...
by Bigblock496
Wed 15 Apr 2015, 22:14
Forum: Parts wanted
Topic: Vortec Heads
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Re: Vortec Heads

Lol Jarrod,leave me out of this! :lol:
Good luck finding Vortec heads,I had to import new ones last time i needed em!
They are awesome heads btw,makes good torque!
by Bigblock496
Tue 24 Feb 2015, 21:13
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Quite forum?
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Re: Quite forum?

Same here,very very busy,but I still pop in once in a while!
by Bigblock496
Tue 16 Dec 2014, 19:13
Forum: Technical
Topic: Car Paint - Boksburg or JHB
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Re: Car Paint - Boksburg or JHB

Try and avoid ALL Luxor products,you get what you pay for! The Luxor of today is not like it was a couple of years ago! :evil:
by Bigblock496
Sun 14 Dec 2014, 23:04
Forum: General/Lounge
Topic: Happy Birthday.
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Re: Happy Birthday.

Thanks a lot guys (and girl ;) ) I had a good one! :mrgreen:
by Bigblock496
Sat 25 Oct 2014, 11:21
Forum: Technical
Topic: 'Professional' brake modification
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Re: 'Professional' brake modification

Nee fok!
I think it might be time to name and shame the shop that worked on this car,just to make sure none of our forum members end up there! :x
by Bigblock496
Sat 25 Oct 2014, 11:16
Forum: Technical
Topic: Ford 390FE help wanted.
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Re: Ford 390FE help wanted.

Did you send it to Allan Y Brink engineering? Hope so,there are a lot of horror stories from some shops in PTA! :(
by Bigblock496
Fri 24 Oct 2014, 06:48
Forum: related
Topic: TOP 10 GARAGE
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I must say,I like Len's list a lot,here is mine,in no particular order,except the Cuda,my absolute all time favourite car,ever! 1971 Hemi Cuda(426) 1970 LS-6 Chevelle(454) 1969 Boss Mustang(302) 1970 440 Challenger R/T(440) 1970 Buick GSX Stage 2(455) 1970 Olds 4-4-2 W-30(455) 1970 Cougar Eliminator...